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Tobin's Favorite

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:47
Leo Kretzner is playing this fun traditional Irish jam tune on his Dulcimer with me on Bowed Psaltery.
Gregg Schneeman
03/31/19 10:46:16AM @gregg-schneeman:

At the Original Dulcimer Players Funfest we are having an early arrival Bowed Psaltery Gathering! A lot of Dulcimer players also own Bowed Psalteries and should remember to bring them this year. Evart Michigan Wednesday July 17 see more on FOTMD sister site "Psaltery Strings".

03/01/19 06:04:06PM @elvensong:

Wow that was wonderful! jive

Leo Kretzner
02/26/19 04:53:56PM @leo-kretzner:

Indeed that's my old Sunhearth used there. #692 (of 1000), dated 5/15/83 and signed 'W. Martin' (Walt). The same Walt that Loraine Lee composed "Walt's Waltz" for. 

As for tempo, just saying (warning) that it does tend to go somewhat faster at most dances or sessions. Rhythmic chord playing can work better at that point than trying for every single melody note!  

We should indeed include a quick cutaway shot to Gregg's left hand sometime as it's amazing, painting watercolor portraits of famous psaltery players off to the side. (lol) 

Dusty Turtle
02/24/19 01:23:06AM @dusty:

Nice playing!  I hate to think of how fast you'd play this if it weren't "learning-the-tune tempo."

I do wonder what Gregg is doing with his left hand. Laugh

02/23/19 06:11:40PM @strumelia:

Wonderful!  That looks like a beautiful vintage Sunhearth dulcimer?

Great duet with Greg on the psaltery.

You guys sound great!   :D

Steven Berger
02/22/19 10:54:55PM @steven-berger:

The two of you give the answer to the question of why this tune was Tobin's Favorite!

Leo Kretzner
02/22/19 07:31:42PM @leo-kretzner:

Here's a version of Tobin's Favorite I did with Gregg Schneeman a couple weeks ago. It's a good learning-the-tune tempo, advanced slow-jam. 

There's a frequent D to G change (002 - 013) that I sometimes substitute with Bm (012) and Em (113).