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The Human Curse

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:01
With Chris Berry of Claremont, CA on bass. Performed at the Harvest of Dulcimers Festival in Costa Mesa, CA, 10/5/13.
03/01/19 06:05:44PM @elvensong:

Yeah love me some originals!

Steven Berger
02/22/19 11:04:07PM @steven-berger:

Well done, Leo! Nice balance between the dulcimer and the bass!

Leo Kretzner
02/22/19 07:46:05PM @leo-kretzner:

Here's one of my own (very occasional) songs, The Human Curse. One from my vocal and blues side. I'll post the words at some point soonish. 

The basic pattern (literally, copied on the bass by Chris Berry) out of D-A-D is bass 0 - 1.5, middle 0 - 1.5, ie d - f - a - c, over and over, then going up to a G chord at 333, and A at 444, those alternating with open D or 032 D. 

This and a couple of others things - and more to come - can be found on my YouTube channel: