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Pigtown Fling - by Leo Kretzner w the Old Grey Cats...

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:22
Another old favorite I tend to think of as Pigtown Fling when two part and Wild Horses... when the third is added. That may or may not be the general rule, if there is one. Pigtown sounds like a place not big on rules, nor the Wild West!

Playing with me are Alan Davis, fiddle/mandolin, and Roy Durnal, bass/bodhran (drum). Video kindly made by Gregg Schneeman of bowed psaltery fame.

Dulcimer is tuned, from treble to bass: usual D - G - D + an added, lower G. It's a hybrid tuning between standard and baritone dulcimers and has great bass sound. (Strings, same order: 0.011, 0.017, 0.028, 0.036)

We were in Claremont's Memorial Park, Friday 10/9/20. Claremont has a mask wearing ordinance, so the other Cats are being more law abiding than me. I wore mine the rest of the time, honest. Yes, my hair is 'Covid Style.'
11/01/20 11:17:10AM @ariane:

Great playing!

Leo Kretzner
10/23/20 04:26:41PM @leo-kretzner:

Thank you both. so how many jazz bass players?  1  b3  3  5  b7 ...

Alas, even in SoCal, the weather for outdoor playing gets quite iffy for the next couple of months!

Has me wondering if there are larger indoor spaces that might be available for a couple hours for a small donation?? Church halls and dance/martial arts studios off-hours, for example. 


Dusty Turtle
10/18/20 05:48:41PM @dusty:

Sounds great, Leo.  I'm gonna listen a few more times to learn the tune.  It's so nice that you guys are able to play, even if there are a few extra feet between you.

Q: How many bluegrass bass players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 

A: One . . . Five . . . One . . . Five . . . One . . . Five . . .

10/18/20 09:35:36AM @strumelia:

So fun, Leo!  Great sound and i love how you guys were safely spread far apart. Seems like a good combo of instruments for this type of energetic fiddle tune.
Highly enjoyable!