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Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring:

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Duration: 00:01:43
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and one of his most popular pieces.
Played on an hourglass dulcimer by Jerry C Rockwell of Ohio. Key of G.
Four equidistant strings: treble/melody string D (0.011),
middle string G (0.017), standard bass string D (wound 0.028),
added lower bass string, low G (wound 0.036).

I've just recently gone from playing 4 equidistant strings with two high strings, both tuned D (0.011) [plus middle G (0.017), and bass D (0.028)], to the tuning shown above, mainly to add more bass.
This string setting is not a commonly used one. In fact, I don't know of anyone using it, but it occurred to me one day as a bass-rich possibility.

It creates a note range that's a hybrid between treble and baritone dulcimers, and sounds really great on this fine Jerry Rockwell instrument. It gives two full octaves of the G scale playing across the strings in first position, with a third, higher octave scale from the 3rd through 10th frets on the melody string. (One-and-a-half fret present but not played on this piece - blue notes!)

Taught in the online 26th Annual Harvest Festival of Dulcimers, Southern California/world-wide via Zoom, on Saturday 9/26/20.
11/01/20 11:15:07AM @ariane:

Simply wonderful!

Leo Kretzner
10/23/20 04:18:34PM @leo-kretzner:

Thank you, Robin. 

Robin Thompson
10/20/20 11:04:53AM @robin-thompson:

Leo, this is outstanding!  

Leo Kretzner
10/19/20 09:26:31PM @leo-kretzner:

I'm excited about my new 'hybrid' dulcimer tunings, with low G's (as here) and A's, as described in more detail in 'Description.' Two full octaves in first position!