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Boys of Wexford/Blue Hill, dulcimer duet w pictures

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Duration: 00:02:46
Boys of Wexford/Boys of Blue Hill, mountain dulcimer duet
All pictures in video taken ’82-’85. Focus in this one is dulcimer pegheads. Dulcimer Fans: Please comment with info if you know who any of the “unknown maker”s below actually are!
1. From the album Dulcimer Fair, by Leo Kretzner and Jay Leibovitz, 1977
2. sculpted multi bout, by Bill Berg
3. triple bout close up w sculpted finger board, Bill Berg
4. violin like, unknown maker
5. 'aster' peghd by Pete Kappes
6. by Bill Anderson, peghd, on Augusta plaza
7. curved peg hd, unknown maker
8. Curved peghd by Bob Hutchinson, Pittsburgh PA
9. curved peghd by George Balderose
10. 8 string peghead by David Field
11. 8 string peghd by Peter Becker
12. curved hds courting dulc in case
13. curved hds courting dulc
14. flat top peghd side, Pitt K
15. flower peghd, by James A Tranthum, Canton NC
16. flower petal peghd by Allan Perlman
17. flower peghd, by Lost Valley Dulcimers
18. dulci-cello peghead, by Sam Rizetta
19. duck peghd by Malcolm Ray,
20. frog peg hd, unknown maker
21. dragon dulc head by Grant Shoemaker (d20)
22. paladin peg head, unknown maker
23. old man peghd by Ken Sauvage (d42)
24. open loop peghd by Brett Newman NYC, Pinewoods (d32)
25. knotted peghd, maker unknown
26. peghd w heart relief, maker unknown, owner Ursala Goebel, NEDS (d17)
27. heart tuners & peghd, by Sally George, Lima OH
28. modern peghd, Boulder Junction dulcimer by Chris Grefe (d56)
29. peghd swirl of 'lute rosette d', by Tom Fellenbaum (d67)
30. spiral peghd, Amon Zook, w violin body
31. very curved peg hd, by Bill Anderson, (d77 see other)
32. spiral peghd 8 string by David Field, Glassboro NJ
33. unique peghd, by Jim Good
34. From the album Dulcimer Fair, by Leo Kretzner & Jay Leibovitz
01/03/22 11:10:29AM @davisjames:

So good to hear a hornpipe!