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Saturday Night Jig/Gary Owen, dulcimer jigs w pictures

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:02
‘The Saturday Night Jig’ (LK) and ‘Gary Owen’ (trad), Leo Kretzner mountain dulcimer.
The SLIDES here feature the creativity of dulcimer sound holes:
1. From the 1977 Album ‘Dulcimer Fair’ by Leo Kretzner & Jay Leibovitz
2. dulcimers with tilted hearts sound holes, maker unknown
3. hearts & stenciling, by David Field
4. inlay outlined hearts, maker unknown (sorry for all these...!)
5. small hearts and floating bridge, unknown, at N-E Dulc Symposium '82
6. large hearts, maker unknown (I-d's are welcomed in comments!)
7. (30 sec) heart within heart, maker unknown
8. hearts & hearts by Jeff Feltman, Hickory Rdg D's, Pomoa IL '83
9. trailing hearts by Bill Keay, Elk Neck Dulcimers, Elk Neck, MD
10. trailing hearts by Peter Cooney, KY Mar'82
11. heart-f-hole, by Bill Anderson, TN
12. heart f-holes, by James A Tranthum, Canton NC
13. (1’) heart f-holes, cherry 6 string by Sid Cox, Aug'82
14. f-style soundholes, w piano, Jul'81, prob collection of Anne Grimes
15. f-style by Jeff Feltman, Ponoma IL, owner Kandy Litchfield, Aug'84
16. diamond f-hole, by Jim Good WV, wormy chestnut
17. f-holes wormy chestnut by Bill Walker KY
18. f-holes and hearts, 8 string by David Field, Glassboro NJ
19. fancy soundholes by Tom Fellenbaum of Black Mtn NC
20. (1.5’) duck sound holes, unknown, Jul'82
21. fish holes, by Pete Kappes (d94)
22. dog head holes, by Pete Kappes, May'82
23. butterfly holes, detail, Holly W-U
24. natural sound holes from knots, by Warren May, Berea KY, '83
25. From the Album ‘Dulcimer Fair’ by Leo Kretzner & Jay Leibovitz ©1977/2010
Dusty Turtle
04/11/21 08:06:07PM @dusty-turtle:

@robin-thompson, I think that's #12 on Leo's list, which would mean the luthier was James A. Tranthum of Canton, NC.

It's interesting how heart soundholes can run the gamut from simple and rustic to elegant and refined.

Robin Thompson
04/11/21 06:55:27PM @robin-thompson:

This is great, Leo-- delightful tunes delightfully played!    

Can you tell me who made the instrument shown at :56?  I'm a big fan of hearts as sound holes and, on this one, the hearts as position markers is pretty cool, too.   

Leo Kretzner
04/11/21 02:10:59PM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks, Dusty, and let me assure you that like anyone else, I have to be real "on top of it" (very in practice) for it to come out like that! It's probably a tad faster than I play it now, also. 

Dusty Turtle
04/11/21 02:02:38PM @dusty-turtle:

Well the pictures are nice, but the picking is amazing!

Leo Kretzner
04/11/21 01:58:29PM @leo-kretzner:

Here's another track from an old album of mine, this time with pictures featuring the 'wide world' of creativity in dulcimer sound holes! Enjoy! More to come...