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Old Rosin the Bow (Mountain Dulcimer in DAD)

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Duration: 00:01:36
Traditional. Printed first in 1838. I took the melody from a print dated 1852 and arranged this easy mountain dulcimer version.
Michael W. Fluegge
09/06/13 10:48:16AM @michael-w-fluegge:

Yessir, dulcimer playing at ist best.

Thanks a lot.

Peter W.
09/01/13 12:36:09PM @peter-w:

Thank you, Karen, John and Sam! Smile.gif Glad you like it!

09/01/13 10:07:12AM @sam:

Dulcimer done right.

John Henry
09/01/13 02:55:21AM @john-henry:

Love everything about this, particulary the very useful camera angle ! Thank you Peter.


Karen Keane
08/31/13 06:59:56PM @karen-keane:
Cool. I like it!
Peter W.
08/31/13 03:33:42PM @peter-w:

Thank you, John, Gail and Dusty!Smile.gif Dusty, special thanks to you for listening so carefully and for giving me a detailed feedback again! I really appreciate that!

Dusty Turtle
08/31/13 12:08:34PM @dusty:

Nice work, Peter. This was actually the first tune I ever learned on the dulcimer. The version I learned is very close to this, though you have a slightly different and usually more interesting chord in three or four places.

Gail Webber
08/31/13 11:30:43AM @gail-webber:

Peter, that was very nice. Also, thanks for posting the tab.

John Keane
08/31/13 09:52:59AM @john-keane:

Nice sound and a beautiful instrument! Smile.gif

Peter W.
08/31/13 07:26:36AM @peter-w:

Thank you, Mary! Smile.gif

When I wrote "easy" I actually wanted to say "basic". A beginner may not find it "easy" - but I have seen your first video here: I'm sure you can handle it in no time! Smile.gif

Peter W.
08/30/13 02:00:36PM @peter-w:

Thanks for listening and for your friendly feedback! Smile.gif

@Patty - Yes, I have taken the melody from an old print of 1852. But maybe there have been several versions then already. Smile.gif

Guy Babusek
08/30/13 12:19:16AM @guy-babusek:

Excellent! Thank you so much for this, Peter.

Rob N Lackey
08/30/13 12:01:41AM @rob-n-lackey:

Peter, you've done well again; keep them coming!

Patty from Virginia
08/29/13 11:28:16PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's a bit different than I've heard and I like it. Great job PeterSmile.gif Thanks for sharing the tab with usSmile.gif

Peter W.
08/29/13 11:22:15AM @peter-w:

You can find the tabs for this arrangement here:

The hammering-ons didn't come as clear as I wanted. Apart from that I'm quite happy with the recording. Grin.gif