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07/25/12 10:01:32AM @george:

Thanks. If I had read the caption a little closer I would have seen the info. Eye sight is going I guess. Anyway, you are so lucky to have someone who can pass along their knowledge. What little I have learned has mostly been self taught.

Phil Myers
07/25/12 08:13:00AM @phil-myers:

Cindi-Skyland Care Center

George-That's our teacher, Lorinda Jones. Learn more about her at

What a great teacher she is!

07/25/12 08:08:46AM @george:

Who is the very talented lady that plays the flute? Very nice, adds to an already great sound!

cindi perron
07/24/12 09:40:58PM @cindi-perron:

I'll have to ask my brother Dennis to find out if you guys were at her nursing home!

cindi perron
07/24/12 09:39:43PM @cindi-perron:

Phil! My sister in law is in a nursing home in Sylva! She has alzheimers! Wonder if that's where you went?

Denise Buckingham
07/24/12 07:36:06PM @denise-buckingham:
Nursing homes and other residential care facilities are great places to play. Love it.
07/23/12 07:43:04AM @george:

Had to listen again. A room full of dulc's really sound good.Since this is the first time I've heard it, will have to get the tune in my head to try to learn to play the tune.

Cheryl Johnson
07/20/12 09:50:41PM @cheryl-johnson:

Very cool Phil! I bet the residents loved having you all there.

07/20/12 04:41:34PM @george:

WOW, this is great!! Good sound from everyone. This is a great idea for anywhere a person may be.

Karen Keane
07/20/12 08:33:51AM @karen-keane:

Awesome job. Thanks for giving back! Grin.gif

Carrie Barnes
07/20/12 08:18:32AM @carrie-barnes:
Phil, what a wonderful thing to be able to do! Excellent job ya'll did and sure you put a smile on their faces as well!
Robin Thompson
07/20/12 07:57:32AM @robin-thompson:
How wonderful, Phil! And it's especially neat that y'all broke up and did individual visits. Bet you made somebody's day!
John Keane
07/20/12 06:58:18AM @john-keane:

That was a cool thing to do, and y'all did a very fine job!