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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Bunessan (Morning Has Broken)-acoustic duet on mountain dulcimer & guitar

Artist: Robin Thompson 5
Genre: Appalachian dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:18

-for James's January "Call the Tune" challenge on Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer This old tune is traditional. I'm fingerpicking a dulcimer and using a noter. Mark is flat picking the guitar.

Cat Brown
12/03/16 08:03:08PM @cat-brown:

How beautiful...  thank you

Robin Thompson
02/12/16 09:58:06AM @robin-thompson:

SS, Anne, and Kristi, thanks for the kind comments.  My favorite guitar player and I enjoyed playing this together.  There's nothing quite like making music at home.  

Kristi Keller
02/12/16 09:30:23AM @kristi-keller:

Simply wonderful. Loved this which I feel represents the tune at its' finest. Bravo!

Anne Bowman
02/12/16 07:26:11AM @anne-bowman:

So lovely! Just recently learnt this one myself...such a pretty tune and you both do it beautifully..

Salt Springs
02/12/16 06:41:37AM @salt-springs:

This is a great sound clip............outstanding!!

Robin Thompson
01/13/16 05:01:17PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Maria!  It is a nice old tune. 

We use an older model Zoom H2 to record; no editing nor special software nor effects.  Balance is achieved by our physical placement in an upstairs room at home.  Sometimes we get the balance right. :)

01/13/16 04:28:29PM @sleepingangel:

wow Robin,

the guitar and the dulcimer go so beautifully together!!! I may have to try something like this when my finger heals completely!!

You did a great job. What did you use to record. Its sounds so nice and balanced


Robin Thompson
01/11/16 08:07:55PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Bill S!  Enjoy learning this tune!
01/10/16 03:11:47PM @bill-s:

I really enjoyed that, Robin.  I'll have to look for some sheet music and see if I can learn it.


Robin Thompson
01/08/16 07:18:23AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks a lot, Steve and Jim!  An old guitar player and an old dulcimer player got to find ways to make noise together.  :)

Jim Phillips
01/07/16 07:20:54PM @jim-at-gcreek:


Beautiful!  I just started to try and learn this just two days ago,  so I was glad to hear your rendition.

I am tuning to DAD, playing chords while finger picking.  I have seen several of your videos and really like

the guitar and singing with your dulcimer playing.


Jim Phillips At GCreek

Steve Battarbee
01/07/16 03:32:57PM @steve-battarbee:

Really nice Robin

Robin Thompson
01/05/16 09:56:43PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Helen!  Will do!  

Helen Seiler
01/05/16 01:38:47PM @helen-seiler:

Simply gorgeous guys. Thanks so much for posting this. Hang in there Robin. clapperclapper

Robin Thompson
01/04/16 06:50:07PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, ladies!  We're tickled y'all found it pleasing to listen to. 

Lexie R Oakley
01/04/16 11:23:16AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Played so crisp and bright, just beautiful Mark and Robin. I love hearing you play together.

Patty from Virginia
01/03/16 08:38:02PM @patty-from-virginia:

You did a great job on this. It's very beautiful!!!!

Kathy Ford
01/03/16 08:08:05PM @kathy-ford:

Beautiful, love it.

Robin Thompson
01/03/16 04:10:36PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you so much, friends, for the kind comments!  I'm under the weather and don't feel like doing much so the guitar picker is humoring me by playing with me. :)  He's a keeper! 

The dulcimer is a six-string (three double-courses) built by Jerry Rockwell.  I'm only plucking three strings and think I'm getting sympathetic string vibration to yield a bit of a fuller, more rounded sound.  

01/03/16 03:41:18PM @strumelia: