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Bile 'Em Cabbage Down

Artist: Robin Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:24

Some folks love this old tune. Some folks don't. Here's my take on Bile 'Em Cabbage Down. My husband, Mark, was sweet to join me. I love him. :)

Robin Thompson
04/09/17 09:22:58PM @robin-thompson:

I'm glad you like our Cabbage, friends.  I'd been messing with Cabbage on my own-- it can be meditative, really-- and when I got home a few weeks back, Mark & I messed with it together.  :) 

Dusty Turtle
04/09/17 02:55:35PM @dusty-turtle:

I've heard versions of this tune that impress with rhythm, or alternative chords, or melodic enhancement, but I've never heard a version like this that brings out how pretty the the song can be.  Bravo!

Dan Goad
04/09/17 02:33:41PM @dan-goad:

Pure genius, Robin, pure genius.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/27/17 12:07:28PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

I would have to say that version just became my favorite version of Bile dem cabbage down.

03/27/17 11:37:02AM @strumelia:

No one can complain about Cabbage being to boring anymore Robin. This sounds lovely...and yummy!  spaghetti

Robin Thompson
03/27/17 09:58:40AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, friends--  

Mark & I are big advocates of making music at home-- play doesn't need to be perfect (thank goodness) or complicated to have fun!  

I think Bile 'Em Cabbage Down Go Tell Aunt Rhodie were good teaching pieces yet folks became bored with playing them by rote, without heart.  Thus, they became relegated to those tunes seen as for beginners then left behind once a player developed a bit more skill.  Too bad, I think, because they're good tunes.  

Happy playin', y'all! 

Brian G.
03/27/17 07:37:04AM @brian-g:

That was lovely, Robin.  :)

John Henry
03/27/17 07:11:51AM @john-henry:

Well I'm happy listening to it !

Thanks for sharing !



Jim Fawcett
03/27/17 06:57:44AM @jim-fawcett:

Real easy to listen to, Robin. Glad to hear from you and Mark again. Nicely done.

Steven Berger
03/27/17 04:33:16AM @steven-berger:

I never liked this song...'til now!



03/27/17 02:10:15AM @sam:

When you and Mark play together your music complement each so well. This is undoubtedly one of the best 'listening' renditions of Cabbage I've ever heard. 

Dusty Turtle
03/26/17 11:31:15PM @dusty-turtle:

You and Mark both have a real gentle touch, Robin. This is wonderful. I'm going to share this with some of my dulcimer students who sometimes think music has to be really complicated to be any good. But this right here is as good as it gets.

It's kind of funny, but the noise of you clicking and on off the mic at the beginning and end kind of sounds like a needle being put on and taken off an LP.  Yeah, I know; that comments dates me, doesn't it?

Dan Goad
03/26/17 07:57:54PM @dan-goad:

Your 'Cabbage' sounds mighty tasty, Robin.  One of the best versions that I have heard.  You and Mark do a fantastic job with your duets both video and audio.  Thanks.

Gail Webber
03/26/17 07:53:07PM @gail-webber:

Sounds nice!