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Sleet & Freezing Rain-guitar & dulcimer trade leads

Artist: Robin Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:38

Mark & I trade leads on our tune. Not perfect but good enough. :)

Robin Thompson
07/02/17 08:34:13PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks-- I'm glad you enjoyed it, Dusty!  Even with mistakes, it seems folks get the idea of what we were going for. :)

Dusty Turtle
07/02/17 05:41:24PM @dusty-turtle:

This is really good stuff.  There is a tastefulness to everything you two do together.  Most impressive.  Your instruments and your play sound warm and inviting, more like the cup of tea with honey you enjoy after suffering the sleet and freezing rain.

Robin Thompson
05/13/17 07:35:10AM @robin-thompson:

Cindy, my noter was sliding all over the place in that weather!  :)


Cindy Stammich
05/12/17 10:35:30PM @cindy-stammich:

This is great!!!

Well - except for the name.......

How could something that sounds so good.....sound so bad????

Sorry - yes - pun intended!

LOVE IT!!!!  joyjoy

Robin Thompson
05/12/17 03:31:38PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, fellas, we're glad you liked this little tune!  

Charles, my picks are all homemade, cut out of plastic lids or container bottoms.  :) 

Bob Reinsel
05/12/17 02:48:34PM @bob-reinsel:


Charles Thomas
05/10/17 09:24:54PM @charles-thomas:

Robin and Mark, That was wonderful! Robin, I really liked the percussion effect you get with your pick!

Robin Thompson
05/04/17 10:07:09PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you for the kind words, friends!  Trading leads is a fun way to play some tunes; if you've not yet played with passing leads back and forth with another player, I encourage you to find a playing partner and do so.  :)

Steven Berger
05/04/17 04:47:49PM @steven-berger:

Really nice! I like hearing the dulcimer during the guitar leads!



Mike Thurman
05/04/17 11:58:01AM @mike-thurman:

I didn't think it possible, but this is even better than you original solo tune.  Great job!!!!

05/04/17 04:26:00AM @macaodha:

Beautiful sensitive music, from two very compatible instruments and people.

05/03/17 06:44:16PM @monica:

wonderful duet!!

Robin Thompson
05/03/17 10:04:40AM @robin-thompson:

Friends, we're happy you liked this little tune!  Though we make mistakes, we've had a good time playing, throwing the lead back and forth.  

John Henry
05/03/17 02:35:03AM @john-henry:

Always a pleasure to listen to you two !




Annie Deeley
05/02/17 09:19:31PM @annie-deeley:

Robin and Mark - this is so very very fine! There's something about that sound - 

Lexie R Oakley
05/01/17 05:32:19PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Whoa, no more sleet and freezing stuff, the rain can go now too!

Hey, you two sound really great, really enjoyed your sound! mrdance dulcimer