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Old Joe Clark Gets A Phone Call

Artist: Robin Thompson
Duration: 00:01:18

It is what it is. :)

Robin Thompson
05/28/17 06:11:33PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Patty!  That crazy ringing phone fooled lots of us, I think.  (It even fooled me when I listened to the recording!) 

Patty from Virginia
05/26/17 07:08:53PM @patty-from-virginia:

This is lovely. I also thought my phone was ringing, LOL. Thanks for posting!!!

Robin Thompson
05/09/17 10:17:44PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, Old Joe is alive and well!  :)

Thanks for the sweet comments, friends.  grphug

That ringing phone did come through loud and clear.  banjo

Here at my folks, I get to play for a bit most mornings.  I play tunes often by finger-picking, resting my sometimes cranky right shoulder.  OJC was a tune I'd been playing around with so recorded it while I was home. 

Val, leave a message next time!  (haha) I'm the worst person to give music advice-- I hardly ever know exactly what I'm doing!  

Benjamin W Barr Jr
05/09/17 07:59:09AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

LOL!  I was listening heard the phone ringing, looking around for it.  

John Henry
05/09/17 04:17:44AM @john-henry:

Love it !   As said else where, sounds as if Old Joe has got to about the same same stage in life as I have.....still exploring possibilities, but a lot more relaxed about so doing !


thanks for the share 


05/09/17 04:03:47AM @macaodha:

Beautiful Robin, and by the way that was me ringing looking for some good advise.

Dusty Turtle
05/08/17 11:50:13PM @dusty-turtle:

Uh oh! Circleville has a challenger as my favorite!

This is extraordinarily beautiful playing, Robin. You do indeed have a unique, soft, nuanced voice on the dulcimer.

05/08/17 11:12:34PM @strumelia:

Sounds like little nightime swamp frogs if you use your imagination.  frog  frog

Robin...what a beeuuuuuutiful fresh new version of OJC you have created!

You are so talented and musical.  I just love this!

Robin Thompson
05/08/17 10:05:27PM @robin-thompson:

That, friends, is a genuine telephone ringing!  A repair guy once told us some of the phone lines on our hill went in in the '50's.  

Thanks for listening!  I've been enjoying messing-up Old Joe Clark lately.  :)

Lexie R Oakley
05/08/17 08:23:08PM @lexie-r-oakley:

This is terrific Robin! Ya know I went to answer my phone....ha, ha you got me! giggle2 ROTFL

Steven Berger
05/08/17 06:01:39PM @steven-berger:

dulcimercellphone !!!!! Love your version of this tune, Robin (phone ringing and all)!