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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Walnut Hill, a work-in-progress

Artist: Robin Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:52

On an old photograph of the hill on which Mark & I have made our home, an individual had referred to our hill as "Walnut Hill". I have, by necessity, had to live away from home the past few years. Now that I'm home most of the time again, I wanted to compose a tune about home.

Janene Millen
07/28/18 08:11:47PM @janene-millen:

thanks SO MUCH, Robin,  for visiting the "so-called" blog.  I'm a little embarrassed at its appearance right now but, I just like sharing tidbits I learn about the songs

Robin Thompson
07/28/18 06:34:21PM @robin-thompson:

@janene-millen I'm happy you like the tune!  

PS- I like reading your blog.  

Janene Millen
07/28/18 10:05:51AM @janene-millen:

You even make it sound delicate.  Such a nice melody, love it.  The pauses are used artfully

Robin Thompson
07/22/18 02:18:07PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, @stewart-mccormick & @ariane , thank you for your nice comments!  I wish you lots and lots of happy strumming!  

07/22/18 03:58:23AM @ariane:

Beautiful and melancholic together - and with your great and distinctive sound, Robin.

Stewart McCormick
07/21/18 11:04:07PM @stewart-mccormick:

I'm late to comment, but as always, great playing!! happydance

Robin Thompson
07/21/18 06:43:49PM @robin-thompson:

@val-hughes @strumelia @richard-streib Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, friends.  I like solo fiddle tunes with some long pauses.  So, here's a dulcimer tune with long pauses.  :) 

Strumelia, I played a Blue Lion Jean Ritchie model, VSL 26.5". 

PS- @irene Happy canning!  :)

Richard Streib
07/21/18 03:37:03PM @richard-streib:

So beautiful Robin, Thanks for sharing with all the friends here.

07/21/18 01:39:20PM @strumelia:

I love how you slide up to those unexpected but delightful high notes.  So playful yet poignant at the same time.  Just beautiful, Robin.

What dulcimer did you use for this recording?  Is it a short-ish scale?

07/21/18 06:36:36AM @macaodha:

What a great talent as composer and musician. Beautiful Robin.

07/20/18 10:24:50PM @irene:

I'll be looking forward to that.  All our homes need to be a sanctuary.  We live on the grand Mississippi river ....out from a little town...We see the sun go down daily.  I feed humming birds and work in my little shop.  Canning season is on...aloha, irene

Robin Thompson
07/20/18 05:36:42PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you very much for your kind comments, @elvensong @dusty-turtle @irene !  The home Mark & I have made is a sanctuary.  <3

I also am working with both a finger-picked version and a fast version played with a quill (with my favorite guitar player strumming along).

07/19/18 10:26:42PM @irene:

ahhhhhhhhh, there's NOTHING like being HOME....and this was just beautiful in composition and just not the regular tunes on a dulcimer....not that there's THAT MUCH...but this was so beautifully unique.  Thank you for your music.   aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
07/19/18 09:12:45PM @dusty-turtle:

Your playing is just so expressive and soulful, Robin.  

07/19/18 08:13:44PM @elvensong:

Wow Robin this is wonderful! I can hear a low whistle or NAF behind this.

Your music is, as Ariane would say, immer mit dem Herzen dabei: always with your heart in it.