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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Hatmaker Lane

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:16

Hatmaker Lane is off SR 50, just west of Chillicothe OH. According to my dad, his mom was born at a house back Hatmaker Lane. I'm using a noter and fingerpicking the dulcimer. I'm in love with Mark and his guitar arrangement.

Robin Thompson
09/22/18 06:20:29PM @robin-thompson:

@Jenniferc Thank you, we're glad it was a good break in your busy morning!  

09/22/18 10:16:52AM @jenniferc:

 This is really beautiful,  Robin.  What a nice respite from my busy morning.  Thank you! 

Robin Thompson
09/20/18 06:51:03PM @robin-thompson:

@Salt-Springs It does my heart good to know the music gave you a moment of respite.  Thank you for your kind comment, my friend.  Take care.  

Salt Springs
09/20/18 09:56:12AM @salt-springs:

Glorious, what a moment of grace and peace that tune provides. It really does take your mind and spirit to a different place, one without the insanity and bitterness of so much of today's music.  I really needed the meditative moment this piece provides, especially after this week's lunacy.

09/19/18 08:55:22PM @strumelia:

Oh wow, that's amazing Robin.  You really created something special here.

Robin Thompson
09/19/18 08:20:10PM @robin-thompson:

@Strumelia Mark comes in at :15 and stays in-- you were not mistaken. :) Those long slides in the B part are your doing.  When I was first messing with this tune, I did not jump to the higher octave until after an exchange here on FOTMD when you said the structure of the tune in the B part (me just repeating the the first B phrase twice) made the structure confusing.  So, I re-thought what I was doing, put in the long slide and moved to a higher octave.  

@Ariane The secret is lifted.  :) 

09/19/18 06:20:59PM @strumelia:

Sooo very beautiful.  Mark's guitar sounds like glass chimes all through the first part- blending so perfectly with what you are doing on dulcimer, that you two almost sound like one complex instrument. (unless I'm totally mistaking it and it's only you playing the first half...??) At 2:57 that's a breathtaking slide, girl.  

09/19/18 10:21:47AM @ariane:

Robin - I just heard your beautiful tune first via the little loudspeaker of my smartphone - I think that's why I did not hear that Mark already played guitar chords as you said at around 0:15  - with the headphones then I could clearly hear the guitar on one side and the dulcimer on the other and heard that the guitar played the chords and not the dulcimer - so the secret is lifted... smile

Robin Thompson
09/19/18 10:09:47AM @robin-thompson:

@Ariane Noter-style is all I know as far as using my left hand goes.  However, fingerpicking (instead of using a plectrum) can give a very different effect, calling a chord style to mind, perhaps. 

09/19/18 08:20:56AM @ariane:

Thank you, Robin - I listened to it with headphones and NOW I can hear it.

I had just wondered before if you could play with noter AND in addition play chords - I would have liked to learn that too cooldance

Robin Thompson
09/18/18 11:35:01AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks for your nice comments, friends!  As usual, my tempo has a mind of its own.  haha

@Ariane I wasn't sure so had to listen to this version again. . . Mark comes in about the :15 mark.  Until then it's just me. 

@Dusty-Turtle The guitar player says he was playing a Larrivee 000-60.  (I was playing a Blue Lion Jean Ritchie model.)

@Elvensong We made a video for Play Music on the Porch Day last year.  Lots of noise-- traffic, siren, and I don't know what else.  Mark & I had to meet that day in order to make a little movie.  :)

09/18/18 04:17:43AM @ariane:

This composition is wonderful, Robin!

I have a question since I cannot hear it exactly through the recording - are you already accompanied by Mark in the first part with some guitar chords or is it only you with the dulcimer?

Dusty Turtle
09/18/18 02:33:59AM @dusty-turtle:

I'm in love with both of you and all your arrangements. love  So tasteful. Such sensitive playing.

What kind of guitar is Mark playing?  It sounds exceptionally round and warm.

09/18/18 01:17:34AM @elvensong:

Wow @robin-thompson this is another example of your amazing writing skills. And it's the first time I've heard you combine noter and fingerpicking in one tune, magnificent!

And you're right: Mark knocked this one out of the park.

Are you going to post a video? 

bighug to you both