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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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January 5th Waltz- on mountain dulcimer and guitar

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:34

Original tune in honor of my mom.

Robin Thompson
02/17/19 07:30:05AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, @Tom-Mcdonald , thanks!  Our internet isn't so great so I watch very few of the videos here yet can play the audio recordings without the start-and-stop we often get with videos. 

Tom McDonald
02/16/19 10:42:51PM @tom-mcdonald:

Very nice, Robin and Mark. I tend to look through the videos, but overlook the soundclouds. Clearly, I'm missing out.

Robin Thompson
02/16/19 07:25:22PM @robin-thompson:

@Randy-Adams To my ear, the noter is the thing on this tune-- there's not a lot to the tune itself.  And, sometimes, long noter slides are just fun.  

Randy Adams
02/16/19 07:18:12PM @randy-adams:

The noter just tears into it. It's startling!

Randy Adams
02/16/19 06:43:09PM @randy-adams:

The more I listen to this tune the more I love it!

Robin Thompson
01/01/19 08:40:34PM @robin-thompson:

@Cat-Brown Many thanks for your kind comment.  My mom's birthday is almost here.  :)

Cat Brown
01/01/19 02:31:05PM @cat-brown:

Very nice.  I think it's a good way to honor your mom.  Well done.

Robin Thompson
12/16/18 02:05:55PM @robin-thompson:

@Gail-Webber Thanks a bunch for the nice comment.  I could think of no better way to honor her. :)

Gail Webber
12/16/18 12:02:52PM @gail-webber:

Robin, I love this and what a sweet tribute to your mom!

12/11/18 10:15:47PM @elvensong:

Robin Thompson:

Though this tune is simple, a tune seems a fitting tribute to her, a woman who has made music of some kind for many of her eighty-plus years. 

And she surely introduced her daughter to music which has benefited all of us!

Robin Thompson
12/11/18 09:17:48PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @Elvensong Dean!  My mom, even with deteriorating hearing still has a great sense of pitch and a very good aged voice; I stood next to her yesterday at a funeral for a friend and it was meaningful to hear her sing.  Though this tune is simple, a tune seems a fitting tribute to her, a woman who has made music of some kind for many of her eighty-plus years. 

12/11/18 07:40:19PM @elvensong:

It's the holidays and in the chaos, look what I missed! This is wonderful, you guys! What a moving tribute to your mom. bighug

Robin Thompson
12/08/18 04:50:03PM @robin-thompson:

@Gordon-Hardy Thank you!  It makes me smile to think the tune made you feel like dancing. My mom is a very humble person-- she was a very good church pianist and singer in her day-- and has always been a good influence in my life.  

Gordon Hardy
12/08/18 10:46:18AM @gordon-hardy:

Robin, there's nothing quite like an old time waltz. I love the slides. This tune makes me want to shake a leg out on the dance floor. Thanks for sharing. I don't know your Mom but I think she would be proud.

12/06/18 07:58:11PM @strumelia:

Well for what it's worth the slides didn't jump out at me as anything like 'overdone'.  

Robin Thompson
12/06/18 05:01:07PM @robin-thompson:

@Strumelia Thank you!  I hope I don't overdo the slides; it seems, though, a noter is made for emphasizing them, using them as a major feature of a tune.  I think they help create mood well-- hope so, anyway! 

12/06/18 10:22:03AM @strumelia:

How lovely and graceful!  Mark's accompaniment is so beautiful as well.

This piece is a story in itself, like the reflections of a lifetime- starting out in childhood sweetness... the A part has that turn that's full of thought. The B part soars with dignity, then that little edgy tag near the end of each part that reflects challenge... but all comes around in the end.  love

Robin Thompson
12/06/18 08:11:41AM @robin-thompson:

@Kevin-R @Irene @Dusty-Turtle @Ariane @Val-Hughes @Terry-Wilson Friends, I'm glad you liked our little tune-- thank you for the gracious comments!  My mom has been through so very many difficult times-- I see her in decline now-- and wanted to honor her with a tune.  

Terry Wilson
12/06/18 07:52:11AM @terry-wilson:

Robin, I sure enjoyed your song.  Your use of the noter is so very artistic.

Thank you for sharing.

12/06/18 04:18:04AM @macaodha:

It just keeps getting better. Very very nice.