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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Prayer Before Daybreak working title

Artist: Robin Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:21

I saw Venus so bright and the crescent moon so beautiful a couple mornings this week. It was inspiring. I'm using a fat felt pick here yet probably won't use it when the tune gets polished.

Robin Thompson
02/16/19 07:27:37PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, thank you, @Sam !  

02/16/19 06:33:57PM @sam:

Lilting, haunting and very pleasing. Nice to just close my eyes, relax and listen. 

Robin Thompson
02/10/19 03:29:32PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks so much, Dean @Elvensong ! Mark and I are working to make this a duo tune yet it's complicated. . . Onward! 

02/10/19 01:52:54PM @elvensong:

Another gift! If you could bottle your knack for creating cool tunes, I would buy it on subscription! bighug

Robin Thompson
02/06/19 08:23:06AM @robin-thompson:

@Black-Dog-Bess Barb, thanks.  The early morning sight was peaceful.  

Black Dog Bess
02/05/19 08:22:54AM @black-dog-bess:

Thanks, that is a beautiful meditation.


Robin Thompson
02/04/19 09:43:07PM @robin-thompson:

@Ariane , thank you, friend!  I'm still thinking about just how to "polish" it.  :)

02/04/19 11:38:56AM @ariane:

A lovely and calming tune - I am already looking forward to the final "polish" smile

Robin Thompson
02/02/19 09:00:37AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, @Steven-Berger @ & @Macaodha!  

Val, I've not settled on a title yet, so, perhaps there's a title in that line someplace. 

02/02/19 07:22:42AM @macaodha:

I saw Venus so bright and the crescent moon so beautiful, the first line of a song to a beautiful tune.

Steven Berger
02/01/19 03:00:52PM @steven-berger:

Nice tune, Robin!