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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Prayer Before Daybreak Duo Mountain Dulcimer And Guitar

Artist: Robin Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:29

A duo version of one of our tunes recorded on a Sunday morning yet not before daybreak. :)

Robin Thompson
06/17/19 08:49:48AM @robin-thompson:

@Irene & @Ariane Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful replies to the tune!   Home is my favorite place to play and my sweetheart is my favorite playing partner.  

06/16/19 08:30:23AM @ariane:

I am as always falling in love with your and Mark's playing - so very special! clapper

06/15/19 12:14:14AM @irene:

I was asked to be an usher at a performance of THE REDHEAD EXPRESS.   A group of 4 sisters all holding and playing insturments....big drum set in the back and surely good...some of the tunes I knew....but ahhhhhhhhh, Robin, this is soooooooooo soothing....and love the guitar playing with you as well.  Thank you for this calming song before I go to bed.  much aloha, irene

Robin Thompson
06/14/19 06:12:50PM @robin-thompson:

@Macaodha & @Elvensong Thank you, fellows!  A very bright Venus and crescent moom in a dark southeast early morning sky inspired the tune. . . We're happy you like what we've put together. 

06/14/19 01:12:11PM @elvensong:

You two have the magic touch. You certainly know how to evoke emotions with your music. This is beautiful!


06/14/19 05:33:33AM @macaodha:

Your music is unique and beautiful, I'm sure influenced by your beautiful surroundings at the foothills of the Appalachians.

Robin Thompson
06/10/19 08:46:18PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, @Dan & @Slate-Creek-Dulcimers -- thanks!  Noter all the way, guys.  :)

Slate Creek Dulcimers
06/09/19 08:46:37PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:

Beautiful as always!

06/09/19 06:29:49PM @dan:

Love this tune!

Robin Thompson
06/09/19 06:14:49PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you from me and the guitar player, @Bill-S and @Steven-Berger !  

Steven, I used a homemade pick cut from a plastic container lid.  I shape them kind of like a really overgrown kidney bean.  Easy to hold.  

Steven Berger
06/09/19 03:34:39PM @steven-berger:

Nicely played, Robin! I also liked the guitar accompaniment! What did you use for a pick...nice sound.

Bill S
06/09/19 02:15:19PM @bill-s:

A quiet greeting to the morning.  lovely tune and well played.