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Let Your Little Light - a round

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:20

We put together this little singing round. If you a partner(s) like to sing rounds, the most important ingredient when singing this one is enthusiasm. :)

Robin Thompson
04/17/20 07:55:44AM @robin-thompson:

@Ariane, thank you for listening, friend! sun

04/17/20 06:00:29AM @ariane:

Simply wonderful Robin and Mark - thank you so much for sharing it! HUG

Robin Thompson
04/06/20 07:30:56AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @Gordon-Hardy & @Jan-Potts!  I sing it about every day now and I sing it on the phone with my mom.  It does lift our spirits to sing alone or with one another.  <3

Jan Potts
04/02/20 12:56:10PM @jan-potts:

Yes, very uplifting!  As I listened, it made me think of a group of people working on some chore together (gardening, painting a house, washing a car or whatever) and singing this while they worked.  GREAT enthusiasm!

Gordon Hardy
04/01/20 01:16:50PM @gordon-hardy:

Robin that is lovely and uplifting. Beautiful harmony. Thank you for blessing us!

Robin Thompson
04/01/20 09:07:23AM @robin-thompson:

@Steven-Berger "This little light of mine. . . " is a song I've known nearly my whole life.  It means more to me now than ever.  

@Jan-Potts has composed dulcimer rounds and Jean Ritchie did the Peace Round. . . I wanted to do a simple little round.  

Enthusiasm is the important component when singing this round-- I thought some folks might want to try singing it with the kids in their life. :)  

Steven Berger
03/31/20 04:16:08PM @steven-berger:

That was fun to listen to!  Thank you guys for shining a little brightness into these rather dreary times! Are we down-hearted?.....NOOOO!!!