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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Shenandoah- on mountain dulcimer and guitar

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Duration: 00:02:12

I am not at all used to trying to play with a metronome. Funny, on this recording, you can hear metronome clicks on both ends and at times through the tune. It was unintentional-- we didn't realize our recorder would pick up earbud noise. :) In any case, I want to work with a metronome further just for fun to help me get the feel of actually playing to a steady beat. I'm not good about keeping a steady beat even when I want to.

Robin Thompson
07/29/20 03:18:01PM @robin-thompson:

@Ariane Thank you!  You were the first to hear it.  :)  We are honored to be participating in your Shenandoah project.  

07/29/20 09:46:29AM @ariane:

Soooo wonderfully played, Robin and Mark flower

Robin Thompson
07/28/20 09:37:51AM @robin-thompson:

@jill-geary and @kevin-r Thank you, folks!  It is a timeless melody and was a great exercise in playing slowly and cleanly as much as we were able to.  

Kevin R.
07/27/20 08:15:26PM @kevin-r:

Simply beautiful.

Jill Geary
07/27/20 06:03:40PM @jill-geary:

One of my fav tunes. Thanks!

Robin Thompson
07/18/20 09:49:41AM @robin-thompson:

@Dan We need a different set-up yet really needed the metronome to keep at a solid 60bpm as best we could. 

07/17/20 05:52:11PM @dan:

I never thought of using an ear piece for the metronome!

Robin Thompson
07/17/20 05:47:57PM @robin-thompson:

@Dusty-Turtle Thanks for the nice comment.  The tempo set for this tune established how we would play it.  A metronome can be a helpful tool for learning and I don't want to give up on using one once in awhile, at least.  Having an in-house guitar player helps me lots.  :)

Dusty Turtle
07/17/20 01:22:59PM @dusty-turtle:

What sensitive playing, Robin. So soft, so delicate, so precise.  And Mark always does a great job of laying a solid foundation and never stealing the spotlight.

I used a metronome for all the audio demos for my last book and it was a real humbling challenge.

Robin Thompson
07/15/20 06:37:07PM @robin-thompson:

@Steven-Berger & @Gordon-Hardy Thank you, gentlemen!  

It has been a challenge to work with a metronome yet Mark & I both found the exercise of benefit and want to use the metronome on some tunes to help us not speed up (like we always seem to want to do).  

Gordon Hardy
07/15/20 06:23:51PM @gordon-hardy:

Lovely Robin, just lovely!!

Steven Berger
07/15/20 02:55:11PM @steven-berger:

Robin, you and Mark really do justice to this tune! thumbsup