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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Brown Little Birds duet version

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Appalachian dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:39

The duet version. We have lots of little brown birds who love the wild bushes in the old fence row and the other places which offer them protection from predators. We love all the brown little birds!

Robin Thompson
12/05/20 05:14:56PM @robin-thompson:

We will make no real changes.  We can't upset the little birds' universe.  :)

12/05/20 02:32:17PM @strumelia:

I hope you won't change a thing. 

This will be the uplifting tune I listen to as the winter snows come, while we still stay at home during the pandemic and I look out my window at the birds at our feeder. The little birds and your tune will full me with hope!  heart

Robin Thompson
12/05/20 01:57:52PM @robin-thompson:

@Strumelia :) I love the brown little birds so your comment makes me smile.  

After Mark and I have a chance to live with the tune for a bit, we'll get a better feel for it, I think.  All the brown little birds deserve it.    

12/05/20 12:22:04PM @strumelia:

Likely the most beautiful tribute to small brown birds that there has ever been.

Robin Thompson
12/02/20 07:13:35PM @robin-thompson:

@gordon-hardy I was watching one of the little brown birds earlier today-- it perched for a bit on the tip of a car windshield wiper I'd raised to keep from freezing to the windshield.  :)

Gordon Hardy
12/02/20 12:00:28PM @gordon-hardy:

Brown little birds, I think they're what we call snow birds in the north country. They like to flock together as they go about their daily business. Your dulcimer and guitar duet would be a lovely accompaniment to the brown little birds' aerial acrobatics. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Thompson
12/01/20 01:33:38PM @robin-thompson:

@strumelia & @gordon-hardy Thank you, friends.  Your kind comments are greatly appreciated by the guitar player & me!  

PS-Gordon, due to tech mistakes on my end, your nice comment got deleted and for this, I apologize.  I'm not very good with tech stuff.  

12/01/20 01:10:57PM @strumelia:

I just love how the beautiful guitar chords are engaged in a give-and-take play with your noter style unchanging drones Robin.

Not only is this an incredibly beautiful tune, but your duet playing together is as wonderful and creative as any I've ever heard.

Seriously, the beauty of this recording gave me chills up the spine and a tear in my eye.

Robin Thompson
12/01/20 01:06:14PM @robin-thompson:

I made a tech mistake!  So, this is replacement for my mistake.  :)