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Hemlock Mills - WIP

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:33

Hemlock Mills is long-gone from our village. J.W. Randall was the proprietor and B.J. Mingus was the miller. The meal dealt in various grains and livestock feed. I hope to learn more about the mill, including its location.

Robin Thompson
03/08/21 05:07:59PM @robin-thompson:

@redmando Yes, something about mills and dulcimers.  :) Thank you for your kind comment.  It is wonderful you can play and sing Aragon Mill!  I'm not very good with playing and singing at the same time.  

03/08/21 01:52:21PM @redmando:

A truly lovely tune Robin. One of my favourite songs to play is Aragon Mill which I sing accompanied by my MD. There must be something about mills and dulcimers!

Robin Thompson
03/02/21 09:00:30AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, dear @Ariane.  

03/02/21 07:47:07AM @ariane:

Beautiful as always - dear Robin & the guitar man smile

Robin Thompson
02/25/21 05:45:16PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, friends @Ken-Longfield & @Macaodha Val, for your kind comments.  

I've been drawn to more melancholy-sounding tunings the last couple years.  While I probably over-use them, they hit my ears in a healing way at this time in my life.  

02/25/21 02:27:36PM @macaodha:

That is beautiful Robin.

Ken Longfield
02/24/21 10:23:00AM @ken-longfield:

Very nice and soothing. I enjoyed listening to Hemlock Mill.

"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Robin Thompson
02/24/21 10:00:04AM @robin-thompson:

@Gordon-Hardy, from what little I have learned from a woman in a family who has been in the area for generations, this mill was here on the hill where I live and just a few stones' throws away.  (There was another mill, at some time, on the property her family holds.) Given the location where it was believed Hemlock Mills existed, it would, likely, have been powered by either animals or people.     

Robin Thompson
02/21/21 12:54:12PM @robin-thompson:

@Gordon-Hardy, I have made inquiry with local history buffs regarding the mill yet, thus far, have been unable to glean further information.  I assume it was a water powered mill though could be wrong-- could've been animal or human powered. When I learn its location, I want to go scout around for physical evidence of the mill. 

Mark & I are happy you like the tune-- thank you for listening! 

Gordon Hardy
02/21/21 11:40:44AM @gordon-hardy:

Lovely tune! Was Hemlock Mills a water wheel mill? When I listen to your playing, I can picture the water flowing out of the millrace and pushing at the blades of the big wheel. Good job Robin and Mark!