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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Seven Chimneys

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:16

The area in which we live has come to be known as the Little Cities of Black Diamonds-- lots of coal mining here years ago. The area also came to be a producer of brick and tile. Between Shawnee and New Straitsville OH, back Rock Run Road, there was a Rock Run brick plant, also known as Seven Chimneys.

Robin Thompson
04/07/21 04:31:58PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @gordon-hardy!  There is some pretty country back Seven Chimneys' direction.  

Gordon Hardy
04/07/21 11:06:27AM @gordon-hardy:

Robin and Mark, a fine, lively tune well played! Community history set to music.

Robin Thompson
04/07/21 08:24:52AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, friends! 

@kevin-r You can believe me-- we know how to play stuff bad.  We just try not to post it. nod

@dusty-turtle Just a guess on my part about that 8th stack is that it may not be a chimney for a kiln but rather something associated with the drying of bricks.  I could be completely wrong.  

Here is Mark's memory of the area known as Seven Chimneys: There is a place near here where there was an abandoned brick factory. All that was left when I was a teenager were 6 of the original 7 chimneys and a bunch of gob piles that motorcycle riders would ride on. The chimneys are gone now and the land has been reclaimed. 

Kevin R.
04/06/21 11:04:12PM @kevin-r:

Don't you guys know how to play anything bad? grin

I always love to see you post a new song.

Dusty Turtle
04/06/21 10:38:20PM @dusty-turtle:

An active song that captures the excitement of the industrial activity you describe here. Nice job!  Your noter work really cuts through Mark's chording.  It's as though the guitar is the general hum of an industrial area and the dulcimer is a specific task someone is working on.

By the way, I count 8 chimneys in that picture.confusey