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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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The Bricks Under Our Feet

Artist: Robin & Mark Thompson
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:02

*Sound balance is best when listened through headphones. The area in which we live has come to be known as the Little Cities of Black Diamonds-- lots of coal was mined here. The area also saw a lot of clay mined and manufactured into bricks and various kinds of tile. Like coal mining, the mining and manufacture of objects made from clay was dangerous work. We love to walk at the cemetery in Shawnee OH-- it's a beautiful and peaceful place. Most of the roadways in the cemetery are brick and, long ago, were made by hard-working hands. This tune is named in honor of those workers and all in the region who worked in the mining and manufacture of clay.

Robin Thompson
05/14/21 09:17:05PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @macaodha Val & @bob-reinsel.  

When I was doing some reading about clay mining and manufacturing in days gone by in our area, I came across a statement about the death of a man who had been killed mining clay and it was both heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.  

In the photo on my FOTMD page, the "Claycraft" mark can be seen on one of the bricks; these bricks were made in the same village as the one in whose cemetery I took the photo.    

Bob Reinsel
05/14/21 04:51:10PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks Robin.  I love this.

My grandfather dug both coal and clay in small Western PA bank mines from the 1920's through the 1950s. 

05/14/21 04:06:58PM @macaodha:

Beautiful tribute Robin, to all those long gone hardworking folk.

Robin Thompson
05/06/21 10:21:51AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks a bunch, @jan-potts!  It's funny you mention sound track because that's how I hear lots of the music Mark & I make together-- background to life.  Maybe that's one reason I'd rather play out on a sidewalk someplace than in a formal venue.  :)

Jan Potts
05/06/21 01:03:55AM @jan-potts:

I really like this, Robin.  It sounds like part of a soundtrack for a Ken Burn's movie, or any film where it's showing the struggle and the persistence of the people in whatever their personal journey may be.  

Robin Thompson
04/28/21 05:32:09PM @robin-thompson:

@gordon-hardy Thank you!  

I was doing some looking about the history of clay mining and manufacture the other day and the statement regarding the death of one man who died in a clay mine was so very tragic.  

Gordon Hardy
04/28/21 11:02:33AM @gordon-hardy:

A beautiful memorial to hard working folks of bygone days. Thank you Robin and Mark.

Robin Thompson
04/27/21 09:18:11PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @dan!  

04/27/21 07:08:20PM @dan: