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Flop-Eared Mule- duet on mountain dulcimer in noter/drone style and guitar

Artist: Robin Thompson 5
Genre: duet
Duration: 00:01:24

Tempo problems on the part of the dulcimer player (me) notwithstanding, Mark and I have a good time with this tune. A humorous story: Many years ago, Mark's grandfather and some friends played Flop-Eared Mule-- Mark's grandfather was on fiddle-- at a local talent show. As he fiddled, he couldn't recall when to end the tune so kept fiddling. . . Eventually, he just stopped. :)

Robin Thompson
01/05/16 09:39:10PM @robin-thompson:

Helen, one of the reasons I like Bagpipe or Galax tuning is I can change keys in Flop-Eared Mule.  :) I'd love to hear your play of The Mule! 

Helen Seiler
01/05/16 02:08:06PM @helen-seiler:

Great job guys.! So thats how Flop Eared Mule goes. I have the tab but could never quite get it worked outh rhythm wise.. thanks for a new goal for this coming learn how to play it. Thank goodness i have these audio files playing now

Gail Webber
12/02/15 09:39:32PM @gail-webber:

That was great!  It's so nice that you have someone to play guitar with you.  You sound great together.

Robin Thompson
12/02/15 07:55:18PM @robin-thompson:

Lexie and Robin, thanks, you two noter players!  :) Flop-Eared Mule is a fun tune with a VERY challenging slide.  

Lexie R Oakley
12/02/15 12:52:47PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Robin and Mark, you are just Great! I enjoy hearing this it got me all excited hearing those slides.

Robin Clark
12/02/15 11:27:59AM @robin-clark:

Oh I really LOVE this Robin thumbsup  What a wonderful recording of the tune - just amazing!!!!

Robin Thompson
12/02/15 08:53:59AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, Val!  [When life allows-- I've got my fingers crossed that I'll out-live my dad ;) -- I'd love to learn some of the wonderful tunes you've shared!]

Truth be told, there's a slide in this tune that I miss about half the time.  I had to slow the tune a bit just to make the slide/stop at the end of the slide.  On long fast slides, sometimes, the big trick is getting stopped at the correct fret.  

Val Hughes
12/02/15 04:19:51AM @val-hughes:

This is excellent playing, you are one of the real masters of this style of playing. very well done Robin and Mark.

Robin Thompson
12/01/15 01:01:34PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, John P!  The balance was a happy accident.  :) While I love this tune, it's got a slide that I seem to miss about every other time.  Oh, well.  ;)

john p
11/30/15 01:22:12PM @john-p:

Great tune Robin and well played the both of you.

Excellent recording too, good balance in the mix.

Robin Thompson
11/30/15 10:27:55AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, fellas!

Gordon, enjoy this tune-- it's a fun one!  

Dusty, I told the guitar player what you said.  :)

Dusty Turtle
11/30/15 01:14:11AM @dusty-turtle:

You guys sound great together!  Wow! You have a really soft strumming touch, too, in case I haven't said so recently, and Mark's guitar is very subtle. I like those 7th chords he throws in briefly on a couple of occasions.

Gordon Hardy
11/30/15 12:32:09AM @gordon-hardy:

Robin, that's great. I love it, I'm going to give it a try. Thank you.