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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

style or instrument: lap dulcimer & guitar

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A little lullaby from us. :)
Robin Thompson
12/27/23 06:15:21PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, fellas @davisjames & @dusty, for the nice comments!  We hope we can help some folks fall asleep with this though a little more careful noter work from me might lessen an odd string tone here and there, making it more suitable for bedtime listening.  nod  

P.S.- I read your comments to the guitar player.  

Dusty Turtle
12/27/23 04:52:54PM @dusty:

Very nice, Robin. I like the minor-sounding bridge. It adds some complexity but resolves fast enough to keep the song soft and soothing.  And I am consistently awed by Mark's measured restraint as a guitarist.

12/27/23 03:42:55PM @davisjames:

As often happens,"you guys'" music sparks the imagination and evokes fond memories.Thanks.