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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Sleep Tight (again)

Sleep Tight (again)

style or instrument: lap dulcimer & guitar

musician/member name: Robin & Mark

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A different tuning on a different dulcimer from when we put this tune together the first time. Also, I made a few noter & strumming changes in order to eliminate some string noise I didn't care for. Mountain dulcimer tuning: Gggc (the gg is a doubled drone)
Robin Thompson
03/24/24 03:10:26PM @robin-thompson:

@dusty Your prof never heard Mark & I play our sleep-inducing music.  So, at the time, it wasn't an option for either of you.  haha 

Dusty Turtle
03/24/24 03:00:26PM @dusty:

Robin Thompson:  At this stage of life of my life, I'm not sure whether an "adult beverage" refers to alcohol or to warm milk. grin  

Who says you have to choose?  I had a prof in grad school who, when hearing that I was having trouble sleeping in the months leading up to qualifying exams, suggested warm milk and bourbon. 🥛 + martini = zzz

Robin Thompson
03/24/24 02:49:48PM @robin-thompson:

@dusty , we cannot overcome the power of coffee.  smile  

For better or worse, over the past year or so, I have become enamored of the sound of the doubled higher drone with the wound bass drone.  

From me and the guitar player-- thanks for listening!  At this stage of life of my life, I'm not sure whether an "adult beverage" refers to alcohol or to warm milk. grin  

Dusty Turtle
03/24/24 01:37:35PM @dusty:

Really pretty tune, Robin. And your tuning demonstrates clearly how doubling a drone does not detract from the melody at all.

If I were listening at night with an adult beverage instead of in the morning with a cup of coffee, I might indeed fall asleep.sleepy

Robin Thompson
03/24/24 11:00:18AM @robin-thompson:

@davisjames sun   Jamie, I believe Jack Lawrence said of Doc Watson that he didn't play the same tune the same way once.  haha  

Thanks for listening!   

03/24/24 10:11:01AM @davisjames:

So interesting,the same melody on a different instrument with a different tuning.In the days of long playing albums that would have been something-12 different players,instruments playing versions of the same tune...a bit like "Sally Goodin" in the Fotmd archives?,laugh.. 

Robin Thompson
03/21/24 01:17:42PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @dan !  I fear your comment demonstrates, though, that we did not help you fall asleep.  sun

03/20/24 09:54:21PM @dan: