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Little Moses.avi

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"Folks, I honestly know how bad this is ... I REFUSE to quit."Noter/Drone, DAA
07/04/15 05:57:37PM @sam:

Thank you Lisa for the very kind encouragement. 

07/03/15 11:16:54PM @strumelia:

I just noticed this vid-  love it!  Sounds just lovely.  nod

07/25/12 01:18:36AM @sam:

AWWWWW thanks so much Wayne, Rav and Cindi. I still haven't given up. I still practice. The kind encouragement of all the nice folks here sure helps.

Thanx all !!!67.gif

cindi perron
07/24/12 09:36:01PM @cindi-perron:

Sam!! I like it very much!!! Very lovely tune!!

RavenMadd Garcia
07/24/12 07:29:44PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

rockin Sam!

06/10/12 09:46:31AM @sam:

Thank you for a very kind comment Meg;

The pick is a generic bought from a music store (probably more for guitar). I like triangular pics, on the large side. For now, I also use very thin, flexible pics ... because ... I have not developed confidence in strumming or playing and I find them just a tad more 'forgiving'. I only have one or two 'storebought' picks. Most I cut from butter cup lids or soft CD jackets.

Along with popsicle sticks, I like bamboo for noters. I have it growing in my yard and can send you some if you'd like to try it.

04/20/12 08:56:08PM @sam:

Thank you Mandy, I'm not co-ordinated enough to chord with my fingers, I think the noter is really my only option but I'm finding that it's really a good way to make music on a dulcimer.

Karen ... please do try a popsicle stick. It is great to feel the fretboard and especially the frets right through the stick. I'm loving the thin, flat noters.

04/20/12 07:32:29PM @mandy:

Sounded real pretty Sam. I can't get the hang of the noter stuff.

Karen Keane
04/20/12 07:29:42PM @karen-keane:

Great job Sam. The dulcimer sure is pretty and it sounds great. Never thought of using a popsicle stick, but it seems to work just fine. I'll have to try that!

04/19/12 11:01:05AM @sam:

Jeepers ! ... spent the night at 'the home place' last night (no internet) an' y'all done went an' ganged up on meTongue.gif I thank every one of you for your kind encouragement.

Dana, your comment on the sound of the dulcimer was most appreciated. It's a home made, made from scratch dulcimer and I've never been sure at all about the quality of the sound.

Robin, can't thank you enough for that comment on flat noters. I'm using popsicle sticks. I bought a couple hundred of them years ago to use as markers in the garden. They're a little soft, but cheap to replace when worn. I LOVE that I can feel the frets right through them. I'd suggest that EVERY noter player try them. I'm pretty sure that if I can find a banana popsicle ... I'll have the PERFECT noter ............

Robin Thompson
04/19/12 10:19:19AM @robin-thompson:

Sam, you did a great job working that noter-- love that flat noter! The sound was smooth; I bump along sometimes so know it's not easy to get a smooth sound all the time.

Jim Fawcett
04/19/12 07:59:40AM @jim-fawcett:

Ditto that, Sam. Ya done good! 113.gif

Dana R. McCall
04/18/12 11:38:55PM @dana-r-mccall:

Sam that is great and your dulcimer sounds wonderful. It's funny a friend of mine just as me if I had tab for little moses:)

Joy W.
04/18/12 10:04:35PM @joy-w:

Is this where "bad" is good? It sounded great to me. Smile.gif

Randy Adams
04/18/12 08:47:33PM @randy-adams:

Uh're getting it going Sam....I liked listening to it.....keep it up.

John Keane
04/18/12 07:54:29PM @john-keane:

I like it! Great going!

Rob N Lackey
04/18/12 07:41:27PM @rob-n-lackey:

It ain't bad Sam; it's good. keep pickin'

John Henry
04/18/12 03:07:44PM @john-henry:

Hey Sam, my thoughts spring to 'light' and 'bushel' !!! Well worth the effort 113.gif