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Old Reuben's Train

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Steve Battarbee
07/12/14 06:25:31PM @steve-battarbee:
Thanks Ken its nice if you to say so and thanks John tooTim I hope John P and John H's posts have helpedI'm trying to avoid tab theses days when learning new stuff but it can lead to mistakes or new 'versions' as some people have kindly said!I knew the song as 'Old Reuben' only fairly recently played on banjo mainly but it seemed to cry out for a good sliding noter. I don't think I got enough of that but I enjoyed playing it and I'm still working on itI think learning new stuff is part what you hear and part what you feel( and think you hear!)Good luck with this one Tim!
john p
07/12/14 12:08:41PM @john-p:

Thanks Steve, I always look forward to your videos. Well played 113.gif


Are you asking for noter/drone TAB ?

This song is a bit of a floater, with varying titles, varying tunes and varying words, depending on the singer.

I had a look on Google and this is the closest I found to Steve's version.
Steve has expanded the chorus line, so not exactly the same.

I've TABed it for Dorian(DAG), but it plays just as well in Aeolian(DAc) if you adjust the TAB by subtracting 3.

John Henry
07/12/14 07:32:13AM @john-henry:

Hi Tim, there are several versions posted on this site, including a noter/drone attempt by me ! (not sure whether it can fulfills your notion of 'True Noter Drone' ?)


Ken Backer
07/08/14 09:29:14PM @ken-backer:
Great noter-drone playing, Steve! You do an excellent rendition of this tune.
Steve Battarbee
07/07/14 02:44:13PM @steve-battarbee:
Thanks James,Babs glad you liked it
James Phillips
07/05/14 07:22:57PM @james-phillips:

Steve enjoy this as well as the nice tone from your Thomas repro. I

Steve Battarbee
07/05/14 03:06:57PM @steve-battarbee:
EdwardI agree it frustrating not being able to view all vids on my apple phone although I can on my PCI always record on my iPhone but I'm not sure how to change the format in which they are uploaded
Steve Battarbee
07/05/14 02:58:18PM @steve-battarbee:
John H - Fortunately the trains still leave!Gail, Rob, Tim - Thanks
Gail Webber
07/05/14 01:21:17PM @gail-webber:

Very nice, Steve! I enjoyed your version.

John Henry
07/05/14 10:48:43AM @john-henry:

Widness still has trains ...lol3.gif ! I agree with you Steve, fidgety little critters ain't they ? Thanks for sharing


Rob N Lackey
07/05/14 10:29:01AM @rob-n-lackey:

That's great, Steve. I liked your rendition.

Steve Battarbee
07/04/14 07:32:34PM @steve-battarbee:
JCKThis was the 5.03 from Widnes Cheshire. Which train were you waiting for? :-)Maybe Reuben had more than one train?Though maybe I need to listen to a few more versions a little closer!I got down something I thought I heard and added a bit. I had fun with itI'm still having an interesting time trying to keep my ET on my lap she's so light so this time I tried her on the table where I guess she's meant to be?JK - Glad you liked it
John Keane
07/04/14 06:37:55PM @john-keane:

I like it!

John C. Knopf
07/04/14 02:54:58PM @john-c-knopf:

Nice job, Steve! Sounds different than the "normal" Reuben's Train.