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Darling Cory

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Gail Webber
08/23/14 02:56:50PM @gail-webber:

Steve, I thought you did a great job on both the playing and the singing! Keep it up.

Steve Battarbee
08/23/14 04:32:57AM @steve-battarbee:
Ken,Marion thanks very much for your comments
Ken Backer
08/21/14 08:01:13PM @ken-backer:

The combination of your style of strummin' and singing have real nice "on the front porch of the cabin" feel it. Good job and keep 'em coming.

Steve Battarbee
08/21/14 09:10:11AM @steve-battarbee:

Patty -Thanks I'm not familiar with Red River Valley but but never one to duck a challenge I'll give it a go if its do-able N&D
Jud and JH thanks also.
I took my version from one played on Banjo Manolin,Guitar and Bass.So I had to work it our for the MD. The track was actually entitled Salt Creek/Darling Cory so I'm not sure what I'm playing really but I kinda like it anyway even if my execution isn't quite as good as i'd have liked. My wife likes to say that when people say they play a different version they mean "you"(I) got it wrong! ha ha . Am I bothered? Am I ... well no.
Trust me to have my first vocal effort posted along side Laura Elder's beautiful song. Talk about the beauty and the beast!!
I am still struggling trying to play and sing/moan/warble but I guess its a case of 'keep practising'
Thanks for listening

John Henry
08/21/14 06:38:16AM @john-henry:

Nice one Steve, just a tad different to what I play, but I enjoyed it !


Jud Barry
08/20/14 09:13:04PM @jud-barry:

First go? No way! I liked the combo of the vigorous strum and the ballad feel of the vocals.

Patty from Virginia
08/20/14 09:05:13PM @patty-from-virginia:

Steve, I think you have a nice voice and you did a good job. I would love to hear you sing Red River ValleySmile.gif