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Steve Battarbee
11/19/14 03:36:29PM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Cindy,Glad you liked it

and Cynthia, thank you too. There is something about this tune I find quite atmospheric

I didnt break any strings but maybe that's I didnt take the melody string up to e

Maybe I will invest in a capo

Cindy Stammich
11/18/14 10:45:56PM @cindy-stammich:

Steve this is beautiful! You did a really nice job on the N & D!!!

Might have to put it on my wish list Smile.gif

Steve Battarbee
11/17/14 09:23:03AM @steve-battarbee:

Hi John

Thanks for your comment. As you can see I 'm still here scabbling round for inspiration. I've had quite a few N&D failures where I've tried to master some contemporary (ish)tunes but ended up accepting they were not working for me or N&D.

I found out recently by accident that there's a pub in Liverpool that had fortnightly Cajun sessions so I've dusted off Lois Hornbostel's Cajun book and will see how many tunes I can now play N&D.

Initially I'd discounted any tab with numbers anywhere but on the melody string, but maybe now, with a few more playing hours under may belt I might be able to make enough of a fist of them to pluck up the courage to go along?

I've still only been to one session and that was more like watching proper musicians close up (with an MD on my lap!)There was a lot more tapping than strumming from me Grin.gif

Anyway aren't we due another posting from you sometime soon? ;-)


No I'm only intentional using the noter on the melody string although I think I caught the middle string a few times but not often enough or well enough to claim it as a technique!Grin.gif

Glad you liked it. I'm always drawn by the more mournful tunes

Cynthia Wigington
11/17/14 09:00:26AM @cynthia-wigington:
Perfect tune for this snowy day, beautifullly played. Just guessing dulcimers all over are going to be droning that one. And no string breakage?
Patty from Virginia
11/17/14 08:08:13AM @patty-from-virginia:

Yes, this is nice! Steve, are you using the noter on both the melody and middle string?

John Henry
11/17/14 03:21:28AM @john-henry:
Was only thinking of you last evening Steve ! Nice one !!!John