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The Manxman

The Manxman
Duration: 00:02:27
This is an original tune that was inspired after listen a Manx band called Barrule
Steve Battarbee
01/31/16 03:19:20AM @steve-battarbee:

Bill - kind of you to say so

The problem I have is , mercifully,  a relatively mild form( in the scheme of things) of cerebral palsy which affects me in various ways mainly on my left side. 

When I play you'll notice my noter very rarely comes off the strings. That's because if I lift my hand off I can never be sure I'll get it back on the melody string again! :-)

this problem means that I can't chord stringed instruments or play a keyboard,flute or much anything that needs finger or fine control with both hands so when somebody pointed me toward the MD it was a godsend when I found I could control a noter well enough to play.My only regret is not finding out about it earlier!

So whilst I know I'll never be a very clean/accurate player I am able to enjoy and express myself and have fun.

I always remember something Strumelia said in one of her blogs which was something like ' it doesn't matter how good you, it's about how much fun you have' and for me that it 'spot on'!!




Steve Battarbee
01/31/16 02:46:40AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Annie. 

The pick I'm using here is made of some sort of plastic. It actually homemade from a cannibalised rubber duck( well I suppose I'd also have to be a rubber duck for it to be truly cannibalised) but it I went through a phase of destroying various household items and bits of trash in search of a good pick that was flexible but not too 'slappy ' and what I called absorbent so it's not too harsh ( unless that's what you are going for)

Bill S
01/30/16 07:12:23PM @bill-s:

I enjoyed your playing.  I, too, have trouble using my left hand and you are an inspiration.


Annie Deeley
01/29/16 09:43:35PM @annie-deeley:

Fine tune, Steve. Mind me asking what it is you are strumming with?

Steve Battarbee
01/27/16 06:43:13PM @steve-battarbee:


Thanks very much for your comments.

Charles; I like to get a bit of light and shade in if I can

Helen: I'm playing in Bbb I think and I'd be delighted if you wanted to learn and play it. Its not that complicated but If you have any trouble just ask. You'll note I tend to slide from one note to another a fair bit without strumming the second note so at the start from 4 you go to 8 and then slide into 9 let it sound out and then 2 x strum/picks on 9 and then 10

I like the effect especially in bagpipe tuning which is as well because I'm so imprecise with my noter!!

Charles Thomas
01/26/16 09:23:27PM @charles-thomas:

Steve, that was wonderful ! It's happy and sad at same time. 

Steve Battarbee
01/26/16 09:05:51AM @steve-battarbee:

Cynthia,Terry thanks so much for your comments

Terry Wilson
01/26/16 07:37:51AM @terry-wilson:

If Cynthia is pleased with your song, then what else is there to say.  Seriously,  a very nice arrangement.  Enjoyed your song Steve.

Cynthia Wigington
01/25/16 06:42:46PM @cynthia-wigington:

You're composing is really wonderful - nice to hear your new tune. Thanks for posting it.