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Perfect View (Of where it all went wrong)

Perfect View (Of where it all went wrong)
Duration: 00:03:36
This is an original song I've been knocking about for a while
I came up with the title at a festival in Cumbria Northern England last summer when I overheard part of a conversation in which someone was explaining how they had seen, from a distance, how a DIY constructon job had gone wrong. At the time I was looking down onto beautiful hills(A Perfect view) enjoying my pint and for some reason I started to think of a film in which Zeus and other Greek Gods were looking down on the humans below and began daydreaming about what it might be like to see into the future and how you could warn people about where they were going wrong. Our brains work in strange ways sometimes don't they?
I'm not sure the song is worth all this explanation but hey ho here it is
Steve Battarbee
12/14/15 07:46:26PM @steve-battarbee:

Mary I think it I got the last ones from I've also picked the up from my local music store

i believe Ukulele  players use them

Hope you find one. 

Steve Battarbee
12/13/15 03:57:32AM @steve-battarbee:

Yes it's a felt pick on this. They mellow the sound and I find them very useful when learning or writing new stuff because they're so flexible without giving you that slappy sound you get with flexible homemade plastic picks

if you go for one make sure you look for natural wool fibres because the synthetic ones can be very rigid 

Steve Battarbee
12/12/15 02:36:50AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Helen

Steve Battarbee
12/08/15 06:39:44PM @steve-battarbee:

Terry, Lexie thanks very much . Terry the To answer your question about the noter I used. It was  actually all wood. It was a present so I'm not sure which type

Mary thanks for your comments too. I'd never played anything or tried to write anything until someone suggested an MD a couple of years ago. Now I get the shakes if I can't play it for a couple of days and I really enjoy trying write. I've found it really makes me appreciate other writers even more than I did before


Terry Wilson
12/08/15 03:16:24PM @terry-wilson:

Nice job there Steve.  Enjoyed it very much.  

Lexie R Oakley
12/08/15 11:35:48AM @lexie-r-oakley:

You are so creative Steve, I really enjoy how your brain works.