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Fiddle Tune a Day - Day 43 - Sheebeg and Sheemore

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Duration: 00:04:06
Hi Steve Eulberg here. My fiddling pal, Vi Wickam, from our duo, Fiddle Whamdiddle is on a quest--to play and record a fiddle tune A DAY throughout 2012. (Pretty ambitious)Yesterday we played this O'Carolan piece together for Day 43.If you want to build up your repetoire of fiddle tunes, subscribe to get them in your mailbox each day! From Vi's commentary: "This is one of those Irish melodies that I have long recognized, but didn't really know the origins of it. It's a beautiful tune, and from what I have been t...
03/20/19 02:48:46PM @kjb:

Well played.  This is one of my favorite tunes.  I play it on mandolin and may try learning it in dulcimer now.

Robin Clark
02/16/12 05:25:55AM @robin-clark:

That was lovely Steve Grin.gif

Steve Eulberg
02/14/12 12:34:09PM @steve-eulberg:

Ha! You live on the edge of the edge, Kimberly!

Kimberly C.
02/14/12 10:46:13AM @kimberly-c:

I signed up for the Fiddle Tune a Day email!! This could be very dangerous. . . Grin.gif

Brian G.
02/14/12 07:46:06AM @brian-g:

Very nice!

Steve Eulberg
02/14/12 07:33:52AM @steve-eulberg:

Karen and Kimberly, Vi is a very gifted musician with an incredible ear and a facility on his instrument to pick up tunes very quickly, so despite the goal being very ambitious, I'm sure he'll reach it! And since he's been learning tunes for a l-o-n-g time, he has plenty already in his fingers and fiddle to share ;-) WS Eyster, you're very welcome!

And if you want to follow Vi's daily progress, head over to Fiddle Tune A Day and bookmark the page, or sign up for a fiddle tune a day in your email box!

And you can check out our duo at Fiddle Whamdiddle .

Cheers! Steve

Kimberly C.
02/13/12 09:02:06PM @kimberly-c:

Wow! And I thought my goal to learn a new fiddle tune for each month in 2012 was ambitious!! I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Keane
02/13/12 08:40:49PM @karen-keane:

Hey Steve and Vi, and what a great idea, although for me, it would probably be a fiddle tune each month. He He. No seriously, you guys did a great job, love the tune and you play well together.

Steve Eulberg
02/13/12 07:49:21PM @steve-eulberg:

Thanks for the applause, Diane!

Wayne, I've loved it too and usually play it on Hammered Dulcimer, but I'm liking this way even more!

Dusty, the weaving is what is really fun about playing with Vi. (Also got a chance to do the same thing with Bryan Bowers at the house concert I hosted for him last Saturday, too!)

Carrie--yay! You are most welcome!

Barbara! Thanks for your feedback about DulcimerCrossing and my teaching! We've got lots more in the works over there.

Back to our regularly-scheduled strumming and picking!

Dusty Turtle
02/13/12 11:31:19AM @dusty-turtle:

Beautiful playing. It's great to hear the fiddle and dulcimer weaving melodies in and around each other.