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Terry Wilson
10/14/15 02:40:59PM @terry-wilson:


The Kingston Trio version is pretty nice, but the one I love is done by Bruce Springsteen.  It goes on forever and Bruce, the band and the crowd really get into it wonderfully.  

Kristi Keller
10/13/15 12:00:33PM @kristi-keller:

Happy memories of the Kingston Trio.

Terry Wilson
10/11/15 10:16:27PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Cynthia.  Congratulations on winning the Mainline.  You go girl.  

Love the uke, but pretty hot on the dulcimer right now.  

Cynthia Wigington
10/11/15 05:58:35PM @cynthia-wigington:

That was great Terry! I think you make a happier Luke player than dulcimer player...just went to the Vermont Uke fest today and won a Luke, which turned out to be the priciest one in my collection. Ditto on Mim. I'm thinking a Pocket Kala (C as the 4th string) and she's the only one I'd be willing to buy it from because they need to be set up. This Mainline concert I won is mahogany and set up like a dream. You keep strumming there old pal.

Ken Backer
10/11/15 04:53:20PM @ken-backer:

Good stuff there, Terry.  Also known as "Banker's Lament".

Terry Wilson
10/11/15 01:24:51PM @terry-wilson:

Glad to oblige James.  This is my favorite ukulele to play.  The best retailer to purchase from is:  Mims ukuleles.  Mims sets up all of her ukes sold, prior to shipping.  This is so important.

James Phillips
10/11/15 09:16:35AM @james-phillips:

Thank you for the information back Terry, much appreciated thumbsup   

Terry Wilson
10/10/15 10:40:30AM @terry-wilson:

Thanks James.

Tuning GCEA.      Kala Tenor.  Ka-ATP- CTG-CE

James Phillips
10/10/15 09:31:26AM @james-phillips:

very nice Terry!  What kind of ukulele are you playing and what tuning?

Terry Wilson
10/09/15 12:45:42PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Strumela.  I love playing it on uke.  Not so much on dulcimer.

Interesting about it's possible southern heritage.  Gotta check that info out further. 

I also love adding harmonica and foot tambourine.

Altogether just a fun song to get the crowd involved.

10/09/15 10:44:41AM @strumelia:

Terry, very cool!  The uke somehow gives it a kind of Caribbean or sea shanty sound, not sure why.  

I found it fascinating that this song was supposed to have been collected from Negro dockworkers (likely slaves) in the Georgia Sea Islands, and thus probably dates from before the Civil War. 

Terry Wilson
10/08/15 07:58:34PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you Helen.