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This is one of my favorites to play. Recorded on a smart phone, so sound quality is a grade C at best. But it is what it is.
Terry Wilson
06/14/16 04:37:21PM @terry-wilson:

Well, thank you Karel.  I found it a privilage to comment on your talents.  Incredible.   I can only dream.

Karel Votanek
06/14/16 02:22:00PM @karel-votanek:

Hi Terry,thank you very much for your nice comment.

Karel  music

Terry Wilson
06/05/16 01:07:08AM @terry-wilson:

Thank you, Cindy.

Cindy Stammich
06/04/16 09:43:00PM @cindy-stammich:

Wow Terry!  I just listened to this - sounding great!!! 

Ben Barr Jr
05/15/16 01:14:48PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice tune.

Thanks Benjamin.
I listened to a harmonica player play this song, yesterday, super slow mo. Oh man, it blew me away

Terry Wilson
05/15/16 01:54:25AM @terry-wilson:

Why, thank you Maria.

I really love my all spruce McSpadden.   I suspect you love yours too.

05/15/16 12:46:32AM @sleepingangel:

Terry that was great!! You have a great style and i love that McSpadden. Really nice. What kind of wood is it!!

Love when you go back and forth with the melody in the melody strings and then the bass etc.

Nice Job!!

Terry Wilson
04/07/16 05:30:55PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you Marg.

04/07/16 05:05:43PM @marg:

Enjoyed the song and the different octaves, nice playing.

Terry Wilson
04/06/16 12:49:53PM @terry-wilson:

Strumelia,  that was just too easy.  I've learned a lot in the past 3 days, from you.  

Thanks once again


04/06/16 11:06:22AM @strumelia:

Cynthia Wigington:

When I private message you I get this:  The user you are sending to is not accepting Private Notes at this time. Maybe Lisa can help you with this, I'm not tech savvy enough to help.

-->  Terry -  click on the dropdown menu under your name (in the top links of the site) and click to your "Private Messages" area at  http://fotmd.com/messages/notes

Then click the button at top of that page for 'Settings' and you'll see a checkbox for "Accept Private messages"-  make sure that box is checked , then SAVE your change at bottom before leaving that page.



Terry Wilson
04/06/16 08:49:35AM @terry-wilson:

Hi John H

     That's okay pal.  Perhaps I am just slow, I should have caught that one.   Hey, just for your info, Terry Wilson is a pretty famous name.   There was a T.W. who was an actor (cowboy) on the old TV show "Wagon Train".  I think he was the assistant wagon master.    

     Not only that, one of the most respected Bluegill fly tyers in the USA is, you guessed it, T.W.   

     And so it is, John H.

John Henry
04/06/16 01:19:00AM @john-henry:

My clumsy compliment related to your playing Terry !!!



Terry Wilson
04/05/16 01:05:34PM @terry-wilson:

Well thank you Cynthia.   I probsbly have more tectonic trouble than anyone.  I guess I spend to much time in the sun and on the river.  Water brain.  Maybe flute brain.  Or maybe Gabapentin brain.

Anyways,  good to hear from you girl.  I just watched your video from 10 months ag . Careless love.  I love it!!!

By by,


Cynthia Wigington
04/05/16 12:47:28PM @cynthia-wigington:

Hey Terry. Real nice chord work on this. Love that dulcimer. I was just playing my Kala travel tenor this morning for the first time in a few months, AND it was still in tune. I know you didn't keep yours, but I still kind of like mine. When I private message you I get this: The user you are sending to is not accepting Private Notes at this time. Maybe Lisa can help you with this, I'm not tech savvy enough to help.

Terry Wilson
04/05/16 12:08:44PM @terry-wilson:

Strumelia,  thank you,  and to all others,  for your kind words.

Sometimes being stubborn is a wonderful thing. Another word for stubborn is "grit".


04/05/16 10:44:33AM @strumelia:

Terry, I guess I meant the 18th fret.  It was hard to count them in the video images.

You're right of course!

I remember when I was making fret decisions on my custom Galax dulcimer (about a lifetime ago now).  I wound up calculating that I might actually need an 18th fret one day if I got better at playing, but it was suggested to me that I'd more than likely never play that high.  Well, I had those highest frets put in anyway, on both my dulcimers...I'm stubborn that way.  wasntme

Anyway, indeed I DID wind up using those frets way up high there, when playing fiddle tunes in a higher octave for variety.  I've always been glad i opted for getting those 'unlikely' frets.

You've shown here how great and how fun they can be!

Terry Wilson
04/05/16 08:43:30AM @terry-wilson:



...and Terry o-so-casually reminds us of why we might want to consider having frets up to 17 when planning our custom dulcimer...  clapper

Interesting Strumelia.  While I have never owned a custom dulcimer, but if that time should ever pass, it would have a minimum of 18 frets.

I go up to 18 on this song.  Couldn't imagine having less.  Well, I guess I could.  I have two student models with 13 and 15.

PS:  Thanks  for your assistance getting my video posted.  "Copy and paste. "  Hopefully my non-tech mind will remember this.  

Terry Wilson
04/05/16 08:19:56AM @terry-wilson:

Well, I don't know, John.  My dulcimer adventure began 04/2012.  I believe I joined F0TMD 06/2012.


John Henry
04/05/16 02:34:15AM @john-henry:

Hmmm......I've been away a while.........do we have a second Terry Wilson with us these days ?


thanks for sharing !!