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New Kala Baritone (Go Tell Aunt Rhodie)

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Duration: 00:02:42
Go tell aunt rhody. Kala baritone, spruce top, mahogany sides and bottom, with pickup
Terry Wilson
10/31/16 09:38:12AM @terry-wilson:

John, you are very welcome. 

Thank you.

John W. McKinstry
10/30/16 06:24:30PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks for sharing this Terry and spreading joy to others.  

Terry Wilson
09/16/16 09:44:33PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Cynthia

I am betting you beat that Ole cancer demon.  I pray you did.  My wife did.  Cancer free for a year now.


Cynthia, what the uke lady meant was that I could never play "along" with other instruments, because of my strum pattern.   Since I only play solo, I guess it doesn't matter.

Actually, instead of a strum pattern, I try to play the strums that the sheet music requires, until I get it to memory.  I never ever learn a song exactly like the sheet music as written.  I think one's voice will dictate changes.

On dulcimer,  I've never really ever considered a strum pattern.  I just figured something out I guess.

Cynthis, you sure are a neat person.  I appreciate you very much.

What does that darn lady know anyhow?  Angry

Cynthia Wigington
09/16/16 08:53:39PM @cynthia-wigington:

Terry - never believe the naysayers, they haven't a clue about your heart and where it wants to take you. I can remember a good friend's father asking me in my last year in college what I was going to "do". I told him I was going to share the chassical guitar I'd spent my life empassioned with - to give concerts in small churches and give lessons to those who probably couldn't afford lessons. He looked at me like I was naive but said nothing. Anyway, I ended up in Vermont, and Germany too doing just that, living my passion. Then I got cancer at 50 and the only thing I felt was gratitude that I'd lived a heart-felt llfe with music before I died. What a very odd thing for someone to say that your strum would not work on any other instrument - I've heard you strum a dulcimer too, and very comfortably. It's good of you to share your music with those who can use a little caring, so, as the Brits say, "Carry on then."

Terry Wilson
09/13/16 04:22:16PM @terry-wilson:

What a sweet thing to say, Helen.

Thank you.

Terry Wilson
09/02/16 10:15:50AM @terry-wilson:

Thank you for your encouraging words, Lisa.

Yes, you do have an accent,  and I love it.  It's actually very pleasant. 

I was kind of wondering if anyone ever noticed that I might have a southern accent going on.  I sure got it honest.


09/02/16 09:50:26AM @strumelia:

Hey Terry,

Regardless of whether the lady was correct or not in her comment about your strumming, that still doesn't mean that there's anything 'wrong' with your strumming that needs to be changed.  IMHO, whatever works well for you in your playing situations and gigs is the right thing!
I agree with Cynthia- keep playing and your own true style will gel and evolve into just what you need.   jive    The whole idea is to en-joy yourself and/or bring joy to others. 

P.S. I get a blast out of hearing your Georgia accent in your video intro.  Of course, being from New York, I have no accent myself.   gangnam1

Terry Wilson
09/01/16 08:32:21PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Cynthia, my ukulele pal.

Cynthia, I was told by a learned lady at a ukulele club meeting that my strum would never work with other instruments.  Perhaps she is correct.

But since I only play solo, I'll just keep practicing what comes naturally to my ear and muscle memory.

I am not at all satisfied with my strum, but it's coming around a little at a time.

I like that you brought it up, makes me think.

No deal on the uke trade.😆

Terry Wilson
09/01/16 08:24:31PM @terry-wilson:

Barb. Thank you.  The baritone is quickly becoming my favorite.

Cynthia Wigington
09/01/16 06:40:14PM @cynthia-wigington:

I bet you like that uke Terry! You just keep on strumming your way - don't let anyone tell you to do it differently, and I think you'll develop your own style in time. Nice you use it for such kind music sharing. Hey - I'll trade you my 3 baritones for that one? No? Aw....you enjoy that thing.

Black Dog Bess
09/01/16 03:40:33PM @black-dog-bess:

Thanks for your video! Ukuleles were my re-entry into string instruments and led me down the garden path to dulcimers. My baritone is definitely one of my favorites. One of the things I really like about FOTMD is that you enjoy and welcome all instruments.  Barb  

Terry Wilson
09/01/16 12:05:29PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you Monica and Lexie.  Very kind of you to comment so positively. 

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/16 11:13:59AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Terry, love your baritone ukulele it goes great with the song. I can see why the folks enjoy you so much, I do too!

08/31/16 06:44:17PM @monica:

Fun instrument and  story!

Terry Wilson
08/31/16 06:39:44PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you Gordon, and Patti for the like.

Yes, it's a lot of fun, Gordon.  But it sure takes preparation,  lots of time, as you are well aware.

I've recently discovered that time away from an instrument, can be time well spent.  On your return, there is a noticeable up swing in your learning curve.

I'm not sure why.  Perhaps someone could explain.

I do know that Lisa and I experienced this phenomenon recently with pipe and tabor.


Gordon Hardy
08/31/16 04:43:12PM @gordon-hardy:

Hey Terry, it's good to see you having such a good time with that fine instrument. Isn't it great to have a passion for making music!!

Terry Wilson
08/31/16 02:18:21PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you so much, Gail and Lisa.  Making music, even at my humble level, is just so darn much fun.  I love it.  Whats not to get excited about,  Lisa.

08/31/16 01:53:20PM @strumelia:

Terry I love it!!   hamster   dancecool   And your energy is so great.

What a nice instrument!

Gail Webber
08/31/16 01:37:52PM @gail-webber:

Your baritone uke sounds good, Terry.  I know those folks that you play for really enjoy it.  That was a cute story about Bile Them Cabbage  -  I'm sure you make their day.


Terry Wilson
08/31/16 01:19:37PM @terry-wilson:

Hello.  I thought I would post a video of my new Kala baritone ukulele, along with a verse and the chorus of the wild and famous song, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.   

This was a "one-take" deal, early in the morning, full of coffee and eggs, so what you see and hear is what you get.  evilgrin