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Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Kala baritone ukulele

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Duration: 00:02:56
Kala baritone ukulele
Terry Wilson
12/05/16 07:40:59PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Noah.  My son, a long time guitarist ,  paid me a visit this afternoon.  I asked him about this ,  and he agreed with you.  So he tuned my uke down a step, just as you suggested.

Wow.  Double wow wow.  I love it.  The mellow sound is beautiful. 

Noah, thank you for sharing your knowledge with this old man from Georgia .   I happy.☺😊😆

Noah Aikens
12/05/16 07:31:10PM @noah-aikens:

To tune the bari traditional tuning you probably need new thicker strings to prevent bad intonation. but if you tune 2 halfsteps lower from GCEA. Which is F Bflat D G. because it is a baritone, i'm assuming that you have a low g string. The sound will be very pleasing. The shapes that you are making right now will still make good chords just 2 steps lower. Like a reverse capo.

Terry Wilson
12/03/16 11:04:04PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Noah,

Thanks for the info.

Yes, I tune my baritone GCEA.  Please tell me what you would tune it to, for the mellow sound.

Also, would the chord shapes be the same?


Noah Aikens
12/03/16 10:07:36PM @noah-aikens:

do you have that strung with gcea strings? most Bari Ukes have strings tuned down to guitar level...  By the way, I believe every size should be tuned to a different level to get the most out of its size.  A soprano should be tuned to what is called English Tuning (2 half-steps higher than "standard"). Concerts, which used to be called altos, should be tuned 2 half-steps lower than "standard". Tenors should be tuned to Standard, while Bari's to guitar level. Though they can all be tuned to the three tunings I mentioned first (especially Soprano, Concert, and Tenors,). The lower tuning gives a much mellower sound. Happy Ukeing!

Terry Wilson
12/03/16 09:31:46PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you Helen.  I love this baritone ukulele .   I find it easier to chord than my smaller tenor.

☺😊Smiles to you, Helen


Terry Wilson
12/03/16 04:13:05PM @terry-wilson:

Thank you , Steven . 

Steven Berger
12/03/16 02:26:58PM @steven-berger:

Great fun to listen (and watch)! Thanks Terry!



Terry Wilson
12/03/16 09:36:07AM @terry-wilson:


Thank you.😊 .   

Mary MacGowan
12/03/16 02:30:31AM @mary-macgowan:

Very much enjoyed indeed! I like your style and the way you let your personality shine for this tune - fun!

Terry Wilson
12/02/16 03:14:05PM @terry-wilson:

Lexie, thank you very much.  It's all fun.

Lexie R Oakley
12/02/16 11:33:28AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Terry, that is great how you made this good ole' song your own!

I enjoy the happiness you express while you play.

Terry Wilson
12/02/16 11:32:00AM @terry-wilson:

Patty, Gordon,& Lisa, 

Thank you.😊 so much for your kind words.  We all have our insecurities and need some encouraging . 

I let the black lady who asked me to learn this song, lead this song.  Her voice is so very old time negro spiritual . 

Handed her the microphone and she took off singing.  Must have went on for 12 minutes or more.  I could hardly keep up, but it didn't seem to matter.  A very fun moment for all, including the staff.

12/02/16 11:01:56AM @strumelia:

This is great!  You made a fresh and distinctive personal version of this old classic Terry, and it's a winner.  Your audience is very lucky and I'm sure they know it.

Not sure what I like best- the bouncy phrasing, the mellow nylon string B.uke sound, or your 1000 Watt smile.  clapper

Gordon Hardy
12/02/16 10:43:56AM @gordon-hardy:

Hey Terry, you did good on this one. I sure like the sound of that baritone ukulele and you don't sound too bad yourself. It's easy to see how much you enjoy your music, I'm sure you're a true blessing to the folks at the assisted living home. Looks like you've got some lovely Fall weather in Georgia right now. Bless you!

Patty from Virginia
12/02/16 09:04:16AM @patty-from-virginia:

Terry, yes I did enjoy this. Great job singing and playing. Thanks for sharing.

Terry Wilson
12/02/16 07:49:32AM @terry-wilson:

A dear elderly black woman at an assisted living home just insisted that I learn this song.  So I did, this past weekend, and played it the following  Tuesday.  It made her very happy and me happy too, as I love playing it.  

It's not perfect, but I hardly ever do do-overs.   When you are playing out, there are no do-overs.   It is what it is.

I hope ya'll enjoy this song.  I am now around 13 months into my ukulele experience and am enjoying it as much as dulcimer.  Wonderful little instrument.