Robin Thompson


Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Ode to Joy (for James's February tune challenge)

Ode to Joy (for James's February tune challenge)

style or instrument: Lap dulcimer

musician/member name: Robin

streams: 60

Robin Thompson
02/08/16 01:15:28PM @robin-thompson:

My pleasure to participate, James. 

Robin Thompson
02/08/16 09:25:45AM @robin-thompson:

Haha!  Hey, Randy, I'm no Kim Darby!  Best laugh I've had in a good while-- thanks!  F'real. 

Randy Adams
02/08/16 09:19:13AM @randy-adams:

James Phillips
02/07/16 06:52:13PM @james-phillips:

Robin, thank you for participating and for your fine rendition!  Kristi, I have a noter version of in video if you want to see it btw.

Robin Thompson
02/07/16 04:14:19PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, friends, thank you for the nce comments!  I wanted my Ode to sound as though it had a little grit to it. :)

The home base tuning on my Timbre Hill dulcimer is Bagpipe (Ddd).  For Ode, I placed a false nut at fret 4 under two drone strings and used a thumb strum (hitting the strings with the back of my thumb nail). 

Gordon Hardy
02/07/16 03:44:21PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello Robin, that's indeed a fine rendition. I am also very glad that you are participating in James' monthly challenges I'm always hopeful that more folks will take up the challenge.

02/07/16 02:29:51PM @dan:

Hey, I really like that noter drone sound too! I think I'll give it a try in the morning.....

Kristi Keller
02/07/16 12:04:41PM @kristi-keller:

Hi Robin,

This is the 1st time I've heard the Ode played noter drone style and I enjoyed it. Thanks.