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Nina Zanetti
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Posted a new Comment on In The Bleak Mid Winter arranged by Nina Zanetti:
"HI, Maria and Ariane, Thank you both for your interest in my music. Ariane, I've checked about 5 times recently, and my website opens for me, both on ipad..."

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Nina Zanetti

DAD or DAA for beginners?

Some of us in my local club have been wondering which tuning, DAA or...
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Nina Zanetti

suggestions for new beginner

Hello, dulcimer teachers, I've taught many dulcimer workshops, but not...
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Give Me Jesus

Give Me Jesus

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jeffrey charles foster
07/02/15 09:28:22AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

this is Jeff Foster I live in Oswego NY and if you know of any players in my area please help me find them if something dont come up should be at cranberry gathering if there is any way you can help let me know please!!! JEFF.

Carol Alcock
02/21/15 06:08:15PM @carol-alcock:

Hi Nina...not sure if this is where I message you...but yes..I would like that book...please direct me...Carol

Stephanie Muschlitz
12/13/14 06:52:44PM @stephanie-muschlitz:

Hello again Nina,

I receive email updates from the Pocono group regularly however I have not become a member of the group.I knew that you would be there teaching a master class and considering my interest in the finger picking style,I thought it would bea great opportunity to meet youand learn fromyou.

I am waiting for more updates from the Poconogroupin the way of a schedule of activities and classes. I will check to see if anything is new on their web site.

My husband and Iare discussing the possibility ofstaying in the Pocono area for the weekend of the festival.I have never been to a festival so I am really looking forward to participating inone.

Have a nice evening,


Stephanie Muschlitz
12/13/14 01:07:48PM @stephanie-muschlitz:

Hello NIna,

Thankyou for responding. I am familiar with your book Celtic Variationsand it is actually on my "wish list" I have a longlist! I really just needed some guidance as towhat may be the best to move ahead at this time on my learning journey.

I have downloaded "Annie Laurie" and "Will Ye No' Come Back Again" from your site and I enjoy playing those.

Weather permitting I may be able to make it to the Pocono Festival in January.

Have a wonderful day!


07/08/14 03:42:41PM @strumelia:

Hi Nina, p[lease see my message in your INBOX.

Cindi Zechman
10/16/12 10:12:45AM @cindi-zechman:

Oh good, I'll be sending my order in todaySmile.gif

Cindi Zechman
10/15/12 07:41:03PM @cindi-zechman:

Nina, is the version you posted (Give me Jesus) the same on that's on your CD?

Nan Rebik
07/16/12 04:32:13PM @nan-rebik:

Read your reply to "Quitting" and looked you up. We have a similar musical background and Mr. Dulcimer certainly ws not my first instrument but it's the one I carry with me most often. Organization comes from a degree in medical record administration where they taught me the joys of ABC and 123.

You are soooo right. Every class is different. Every student is different as well and I marvel daily at how many ways there are to play the piano WRONG. (Teach that too)

My basic premise is that there is no wrong way to play dulcimer - just make your style fit you - if one fingering won't work, try another. If you can't reach that chord, well then skip it or leave part of it out. The most important thing is to enjoy making music.

I like the sound of chords but somehow, I have never learned to "think" in chords so I have to work them out and play them by rote. It's slower learning that way.


Nina Zanetti
12/05/11 02:53:48PM @nina-zanetti:

I wasn't sure to post this info, but wanted to let people know that I've just added some new FREE TAB on my website Go to the free tab page, and then scroll down to the bottom. The tune is "Slane", a beautiful Irish hymn sometimes known as "Be Thou my Vision" or "Lord of All Hopefulness". I've provided two different versions of the tune, one simple and one more complex; they could be played together, to provide variation in a performance. Both arrangements appear in both PDF and tabledit formats. This tune is one of my favorites and appears on my newest CD, "Beside Still Waters".


04/21/10 10:43:12AM @keltia:
beautiful pix!Grin.gif
Nina Zanetti
03/07/10 11:18:04PM @nina-zanetti:
It was lovely to meet you, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the workshops.
Nina Zanetti
03/07/10 11:17:40PM @nina-zanetti:
Thanks so much!
03/07/10 10:51:35PM @strumelia:
Nina, what a wonderful and expressive player you are. I loved taking your classes- you are such a good teacher and explain everything so clearly while making it all fun. Thank you!
Tish Westman
01/07/10 08:05:59PM @tish-westman:
Hi Nina, we have not met but I have been a fan for quite some time. I just invited Bill Collins to join which he has. I love your and Bill's cd, listen to it often.
Nina Zanetti
01/05/10 01:33:08PM @nina-zanetti:
Thanks for the kind comment on my video, Hunter. I just bought myself a flip camera, so there may be more coming in the future.
Nina Zanetti
01/03/10 12:33:46AM @nina-zanetti:
Thanks for the warm welcome!
Bill Lewis
01/02/10 07:05:07PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Nina :)
01/02/10 04:35:59PM @strumelia:
Hi Nina,Welcome, 'neighbor'! :)
Rod Westerfield
01/02/10 03:10:57PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Nina.... glad ya joined the family..