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Dat Du min Leevsten büst

Dat Du min Leevsten büst

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I was just in the mood to record this little song in Low German/Plattdeutsch (spoken in Northern Germany) and wanted to share it with you - I hope you like it :)
04/16/18 05:48:45AM @ariane:

@Elvensong - thank you very much for your kind comment - please find the original text in Low German (Plattdeutsch) and a translation to English by scrolling down a little. 

04/15/18 06:19:17PM @elvensong:

Lovely tune, Ariane. I'd love to see the lyrics. 


Thanks once again for sharing your music, Ariane. worthy

03/12/18 01:48:14PM @ariane:

I am very happy, Nigel, Val, Robin, for your very nice comments.

Robin Thompson
03/11/18 05:34:12PM @robin-thompson:

Ariane, your music is lovely.  I'm glad you shared this with us!  

03/11/18 11:56:20AM @macaodha:

Very interesting to see the words of your song in English, there are many  similar songs in the the Irish, English and Scottish tradition where the young maid invites her true to visit late at night when her Ma and Da  are sleeping. Disgraceful carry on.

03/11/18 10:13:09AM @nigelbleddfa:

Great ! One dulcimer enters Germany and another leaves. nod  I have to find a goose to kill nowmusic

03/11/18 08:33:18AM @ariane:

Cynthia, this is the translation I found...

That you are my darling, that you know well,
Come tonight, come tonight,
tell me what is your name

Come back at midnight, come at one o´clock.
Father sleeps, mother sleeps,
I sleep alone

Knock on the door chamber, barrel the handle,
Father thinks, Mother thinks,
so makes the wind

03/11/18 08:30:54AM @ariane:

Thank you all - Rob, Salt, Val, Cynthia for your very nice comments.

Cynthia, please find the text below:

Dat du min Leevsten büst, dat du woll weeßt.
Kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht, segg wo du heeßt;
kumm bi de Nacht, kumm bi de Nacht, segg wo du heeßt.

Kumm du üm Middernacht, kumm du Klock een!
Vader slöpt, Moder slöpt, ick slap aleen;
Vader slöpt, Moder slöpt, ick slap aleen.

Klopp an de Kammerdör, fat an de Klink!
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind;
Vader meent, Moder meent, dat deit de Wind.

Cynthia Wigington
03/11/18 08:14:13AM @cynthia-wigington:

Ariane this is a sweet song - you're already composing on the dulcimer. Can you write out the words here? Bitte?


03/11/18 07:52:32AM @macaodha:

Go Hálainn (Beautiful)

Salt Springs
03/10/18 09:44:30PM @salt-springs:

Great job ...........such a funny little tune.......really, just the wind? winker

Rob N Lackey
03/10/18 06:12:07PM @rob-n-lackey:

I like it. 


03/10/18 01:27:42PM @ariane:

Dankeschön Luigi - das liegt bestimmt am Weißwurstäquator thumbsup

03/10/18 01:00:43PM @luigi:

Sehr schön! Ich versteh´ allerdings nicht alles.winker