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Maienzeit bannet Leid

Maienzeit bannet Leid

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Since spring is in the "starting blocks" please find a spring song of the 13th century. I would be happy if you enjoyed it.
05/07/18 01:35:53PM @ariane:

@Jim - many, many thanks jive

05/04/18 11:23:12AM @jp:

sunflowerflowerflower yea it is springtime in Wisconsin!! finally!!

still love your voice.

04/10/18 01:45:02PM @ariane:

Elvensong, thank you very much for your kind comments.

Wow! You are lucky - what an excellent basis for doing jam sessions at home with your family joyjoy

04/10/18 11:28:13AM @elvensong:

Wow this is wonderful Ariane! What a beautiful mix of instruments! I'd say you're getting that DAW down just fine!

Coincidentally I just bought a kalimba for my daughter's boyfriend and your song really demonstrates how beautiful it can be! And my daughter is just starting to learn the ocarina. And my wife is just starting percussion with a couple of djembes, a frame drum and some shakers. 

Now if I can just get them to an open mic...   poke

03/26/18 04:18:18AM @ariane:

@Strumelia - thank you very much for your kind comment - I feel very honored : ) joyjoy

03/25/18 05:34:49PM @strumelia:

This is soooo beautiful Ariane!   I just LOVE how you played ALL those instruments, and your singing, and the whole medieval sound.  Bravo!  clapper

03/23/18 06:27:37AM @ariane:

Thank you Rob, Jim and Nigel for your very nice comments.

@ Nigel: Since I did not use typical medieval instruments (except for the mountain dulcimer (~Scheitholt) and the recorder) this might also be the reason why it sounds a little bit oriental (or it is my singing jive ) - and African, since I played a Kalimba too (which is not the most typical medieval instrument in Europe grin ).

The Glockenspiel (chime of bells) seems to come from the Indonesian area where metallophones were known in the 1. millenium, came to Europe via Dutchmen and are known in Europe since the 17th century.

So - an Oriental/African touch cannot be denied...winker

03/22/18 02:34:52PM @nigelbleddfa:

Until you started playing the penny whistle I could have thought that I was listening to music which had a strong oriental influence. It gives an insight into music of the period and shows it to be much different to that which we see/hear in historical movies made by Hollywood and TV dramas. The rhythm is similar to that found in Isaan music - mor lum.

Very well played and fascinating to hear.

Jim Fawcett
03/22/18 07:56:11AM @jim-fawcett:

Easy  listening music. Very nice Ariane.

Rob N Lackey
03/22/18 07:43:52AM @rob-n-lackey:

That's just really, really nice Ariane.  I enjoyed listening to it


03/22/18 05:08:14AM @ariane:

Thank you - Luigi, Robin, Val - for your very nice comments.

03/22/18 05:00:26AM @macaodha:

Very nice.

Robin Thompson
03/21/18 10:26:30PM @robin-thompson:

I enjoy this very much, Ariene!  You are a very talented person to put all this together.  Nicely done!

03/21/18 02:32:43PM @luigi:

Wunderschön! ... aber zu früh! Es ist doch erst März!

Beautiful! ... but too early! It's only March!