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Today I would like to greet you with my beautiful new hammered dulcimer which James Jones has custom-built for me.

It is a 10/10 with 7/8 '' string space.
Lowest note: F# 3
Highest note: B5

I can play it in the keys of G, C and D.

Soundboard: Redwood
Frame: Mahogany
Trims: Santos Rosewood
Bridges: Cherry
Soundhole: Celtic Knot

It is a real beauty and has a full and brilliant sound.

I am very happy about how James has realized my wishes and ideas for this special seized hammered dulcimer - thanks a lot.

The tune is called "Butterfly" and I think it fits perfectly to springtime.

I would be happy if you enjoyed it...

(Best listened to it with headphones!)


I offer the service "Wish for a Tune" and "Dulci"-Pouches on my website - for more information please find following the link to it:





James Jones 10/10 Hammered Dulcimer
Sweet Woods Instruments Student Mountain Dulcimer
Kala Tenor Ukulele

05/22/19 10:47:27AM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Dean - I am very happy that you like it. bighug

05/21/19 07:31:28PM @elvensong:

I've listened to this lovely over and over. So very peaceful and meditative. You play wonderfully! bighug

05/06/19 07:22:07AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Nina - I am happy that you like it.

The image of all your amigurumis as your dulcimer audience makes me smile - so cute - I would be happy to see a picture or video then...  : ) joyjoy

05/05/19 11:48:19AM @irene:

Fabulous answer Ariane.  I also have a big instrument, the lovely #53 harp that weighs 44 pounds.   I always laugh and tell folks that "my husband is my harp caddy"....but it may be time to make a much lighter weight one.  I supose it's the main reason that I play the MD all the time with hubby playing the autoharp....soooooooooo easy to get on the plane and elsewhere.  I also love the lower tones of any instrument.   Thank you for sharing your reasons for a smaller Hammered dulcimer, yet a lower toned one.  Dusty Strings makes wonderful instruments!  Very cool site, the James Jones dulcimers. aloha, irene

05/05/19 09:04:16AM @dulcinina:

Lovely, Ariane.  I noticed your little chrocheted Amigurumi owls.  I've made several Amigurumi toys and now I know what to do with them.  They'll be my dulcimer audience.  I never did make the little dulcimer you gave directions for.  I always enjoy your vimeos.  Nina

05/05/19 07:55:28AM @ariane:

@Irene - Thank you so much, Irene - I am very happy that you like it.

I have sold my Dusty Strings D45 some weeks ago since it finally was too big and heavy for me (and my neck and knee problems).

It almost broke my heart to sell it - I enjoyed so much its magical sound and have been playing it for many many years (also in my hobby band and connect plenty of great memories with it).

But I thought to better sell it than that it remains un-played in its bag.

I own another hammered dulcimer (my starter HD) which is a 9/8 travel TK O'Brien - very handy but sounding really high - so a very different sound to the D45.

And since I missed the low sounding strings of the D45 I tried to make a compromise with the 10/10 "shortened" hammered dulcimer and asked several HD builders if they could built such a shorter seized one. And James Jones said "Yes, I can!" thumbsup

05/05/19 07:43:24AM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Terry, for your lovely compliments...and I am very happy that you like the hammered dulcimer now bighug

05/05/19 07:41:55AM @ariane:

Thank you very much - Dan, Steven, Ken, Kevin, Bob - for your kind comments - I am happy that you like it jive

05/04/19 10:27:54PM @irene:

That is one of my favorite tunes....and added instruments.  marvelous. Tell us why you have a shortened H.D. I want to know more about your lovely there.  aloha, irene

Terry Wilson
05/04/19 09:26:08PM @terry-wilson:


Without a doubt you are an amazing musician.

Your song is beautiful.  I've never been much of a fan of the hammered dulcimer.  But now, that has all changed.  

Magical is another description.   

05/04/19 09:23:23PM @bob:

Love it!!!!!

Kevin R.
05/04/19 03:06:24PM @kevin-r:

As usual, another very enjoyable recording. Thanks for posting. I always look forward to your next offering.

Ken Longfield
05/04/19 01:23:26PM @ken-longfield:

James Jones mades a beautiful instrument and you play it beautifully. Thanks for sharing.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Steven Berger
05/04/19 12:45:34PM @steven-berger:

Congratulations on your new HD, Ariane! You play it very well!

05/04/19 10:55:34AM @dan: