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Down in the Valley to Pray

Artist: Bob Reinsel
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:14

My continuing education in multi-track recording... This is one of my favorite old-time gospel tunes.

04/05/18 12:18:25AM @irene:

I have a son named Bob....used to sing in Barbershop groups...still sings...I loved this one!!! Now I'm ready for sleeping.  thanks for this soothing song to my heart.  aloha, irene

Kevin R.
04/04/18 10:18:12PM @kevin-r:

Good to see this post get bumped up otherwise I might not have heard it. It was wonderful. Love the harmonies. Great singing!

Jan Potts
04/04/18 09:09:40PM @jan-potts:

Bob--I love this!  And couldn't resist harmonizing along with you!  nod

04/04/18 02:15:03PM @ariane:

This sounds fantastic.

John W. McKinstry
05/07/17 02:45:50PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Really liked this! 'I'm going to share this with my dulcimer group "Sweet Strings". Loved the harmony.

Cynthia Wigington
02/01/17 08:21:35PM @cynthia-wigington:

Awesome Bob. loving it. It's rare for people to be able to harmonize - that was so much fun to listen to and sing with.

Robin Thompson
02/01/17 06:02:15PM @robin-thompson:

Bob, your harmonies are perfect!  I was singing right along-- hope I didn't mess you up.  :)

Lexie R Oakley
02/01/17 11:08:43AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Wow, such beautiful harmonizing.

Sounds so much like my father, I grew up with him singing in quartets.

I very much enjoyed this hymn.

02/01/17 07:09:07AM @jenniferc:

Wow! Wonderful harmonizing! 

Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/01/17 06:57:19AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Jan Potts
02/01/17 05:46:54AM @jan-potts:

Great vocal!  WOW!  This has just the right tone and tempo and, well, "bounce" for lack of a better word.  Almost achingly beautiful!  I'm so glad I caught Val-Hughes comment and was curious enough to listen to this "favourite  FOTMD voice".  Oh my--so right!

Val Hughes
02/01/17 03:51:25AM @val-hughes:

My favourite FOTMD voice.

Cat Brown
01/31/17 08:32:12PM @cat-brown:

How beautiful! It made me want to cry...


Bob Reinsel
01/31/17 07:17:42PM @bob-reinsel:

Wow!  Thank-you all. I'm glad you liked it. 

David Pedersen
01/31/17 05:41:13PM @david-pedersen:

Excellent Bob!!.

01/31/17 03:34:23PM @monica:

Very nice!!

Steven Berger
01/31/17 02:46:01PM @steven-berger:

Really well done, Bob!



01/31/17 01:00:16PM @strumelia:

Bob, you've been hiding away your terrific voice for way too long!  This is great!

Gordon Hardy
01/31/17 12:36:28PM @gordon-hardy:

Hey Bob, it's one of my favorites too. You did a lovely job, thank you.

Dusty Turtle
01/31/17 12:27:57PM @dusty-turtle:

That's just phenomenal, Bob!  Bravo!  Very impressive.