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900 Miles

Artist: Bob Reinsel
Genre: Dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:39

If this train keeps running right I'll be home by tomorrow night 'cause I'm 900 miles from my home

Lexie R Oakley
07/22/15 01:29:53PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really great playing Bob and thanks for the tab etc. one of my favorites also.jive

Bob Reinsel
07/20/15 02:20:43PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks for all of the kind comments.  It's good to know someone is listening.  :-)

Robin Thompson
07/18/15 05:22:02PM @robin-thompson:

So fine, Bob!  

Lynn austin
07/18/15 08:26:15AM @lynn-austin:

Thanks Bob!!!!!!blush

Gail Webber
07/17/15 08:42:15PM @gail-webber:

Very nice!

Bob Reinsel
07/17/15 08:04:28PM @bob-reinsel:

Lynn, the tuning is 1-5-7, in this case D-A-cc.  Played out of the first fret. I have not put it on paper, but this might get you started:

1 3 5  4 3 5

1 3 5  4 3 1

1 3 5  4 3 5

3 0 1

Glad you like it.  :-)

It's not the same as Reuben's Train

Lynn austin
07/17/15 07:05:42PM @lynn-austin:

Bob, what tuning are you playing this tune in and is there a source for the tab?....also, is this the same tune as Rueben's Train?...inquiring minds want to know....

Deborah Hinz
07/17/15 05:24:36PM @debbie-hinz:

Very nice, kind sir, thank you for postingthumbsup

Lynn austin
07/17/15 03:50:13PM @lynn-austin:

Very very nice!!!! of my favorites!

Bob Reinsel
07/17/15 10:44:09AM @bob-reinsel:

Inspired by @dan