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Hard Times Come Again No More

Hard Times Come Again No More

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My first attempt at multi-track recording. I play guitar, dulcimer, and sing.
Jan Potts
12/01/17 03:04:29AM @jan-potts:

I love your rendition of this, Bob! You've got a great voice and sing this with the compassion it deserves.

03/31/17 08:43:03PM @fitzcassidy:

A BEAUTIFUL song! Very well done.


Bob Reinsel
01/24/17 03:56:07PM @bob-reinsel:

Val, thanks for the kind words.  I'm struggling a bit with the recording tools, but so far, so good.

Val Hughes
01/24/17 08:37:07AM @val-hughes:

Very nice Bob, great voice.

Steven Berger
01/22/17 05:54:13AM @steven-berger:

That's great, Bob! Best I've heard since the Civil War!



David Pedersen
01/21/17 09:57:40PM @david-pedersen:

That was really good Bob.  Cant wait to try that. Just got a Tascam DP 008ex.

Bob Reinsel
01/21/17 05:29:01PM @bob-reinsel:

Thank-you both.  Dusty, did you notice I stole a lick from you right at the end?

Gordon Hardy
01/21/17 05:17:22PM @gordon-hardy:

This is lovely Bob, it's such a pleasure to hear you sing and play. Thank you.

Dusty Turtle
01/21/17 04:36:54PM @dusty-turtle:

Both the singing and the playing are really nice here, Bob.  Nice job!  Perhaps the most compassionate song ever written.

Maybe you can give me a lesson on multitrack recording. I can't seem to get the hang of it, despite feeling fairly proficient at several instruments.