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Wild Mountain Thyme - fretted dulcimer

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:02:05
Fooling around with my newest dulcimer acquisition - a very pretty David McKinney dulcimer made of Hawaiian koa, Sitka spruce, Honduran mahogany and South American ebony.
Brian G.
01/06/17 03:04:56PM @brian-g:

Thank you Guy!


Guy Babusek
01/06/17 10:14:58AM @guy-babusek:

SO beautiful!

Brian G.
01/06/17 09:34:07AM @brian-g:

Thank you Benjamin!

Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/06/17 09:16:47AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Beautifully played.

Brian G.
01/06/17 08:04:18AM @brian-g:

Thanks so much Monica!

01/05/17 05:25:22PM @monica:

What a beautiful sounding dulcimer and lovely playing.

Brian G.
12/15/16 10:58:48PM @brian-g:

Thank you Bob. Yes, the dulcimer has a false bottom separated from the actual bottom by those little ebony "feet".  The idea is that this allows that false bottom to vibrate freely without being damped by my lap.

12/15/16 08:46:16PM @bob:

Beautiful tune, and well played. Does the dulcimer have a "second" bottom?

Brian G.
08/10/16 03:03:45PM @brian-g:

Thank you very much Bj!  :)

BJ Jordan
08/10/16 11:30:45AM @bj-jordan:

Beautifully played, well done. One of my favorite tunes. The dulcimer sounds awesome.


Brian G.
07/31/16 11:31:57AM @brian-g:

John and Mary - thank you so much for your kind words.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Mary - I'm about 40 minutes southwest of Madison.  :)

John W. McKinstry
07/29/16 10:01:05PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful dulcimer matched with beautiful music.

Brian G.
07/26/16 06:27:50AM @brian-g:

Thank you Steven!

Steven Berger
07/25/16 06:27:53PM @steven-berger:

Wonderfully played, beautiful dulcimer!



Brian G.
07/25/16 02:30:45PM @brian-g:

Thank you so much Robin and Paula! I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed the tune.  And Paula - I''ll work on improving Mango's pitch! (he's my sun conure you're hearing in the video.)  :)

Paula Brawdy
07/25/16 07:13:57AM @paula-brawdy:

Gorgeous sound and pretty to look at it... I have always loved this song... on my list to learn... tell your bird he needs to sing in the correct key!  smiling as I have parrots!

Robin Thompson
07/24/16 09:39:30AM @robin-thompson:

A beautiful tune beautifully played-- so fine, Brian. 

Brian G.
07/24/16 08:21:20AM @brian-g:

Thanks Marg and JK.  John -I completely agree; there is no sense in keeping instruments around that I am not playing. More and more it seems I'm gravitating to a two-dulcimer set up where I have one in DAA and one in DAD. With the DAD dulcimer, quick retuning to DGD or DAC give me lots of options, and with the DAA, a quick retune to EAA also gives me an easy way to play A tunes with the entire fretboard (rather than eliminating a large swatch of options by capoing at the 4th fret, or playing A tunes in DAD where you're more limited).

Anyway, there are still a bunch for sale, so if you know anyone looking for some great dulcimers, please point them my way. :)

John Keane
07/24/16 07:41:58AM @john-keane:

Beautifully done BG!  We've recently thinned our herd as well.  It seems a shame to keep unplayed instruments that could be bringing joy to others.

07/24/16 03:43:21AM @marg:

Beautiful in playing and sound, enjoy your new dulcimer