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Same Old Stretch Of Road, Enhanced

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:25
I wrote this song a while back as an instrumental but lucky for me, the piece inspired a very talented musician to write and record lyrics that took me by surprise! He then added some very cool percussion enhancements. 🎶😎 Together, we offer you “Same Old Stretch Of Road”…lyrics, vocals, & drum licks by my dear friend and brother of my heart, Christopher Magennis. Music, Baritone dulcimer and beat line, by his sister in music, me. 😁 (Thank you for this gift, Chris M.! 🎁💕)
Christine Shoemaker
07/14/20 08:28:16PM @christine-shoemaker:

Chris(topher) and Chris(tine) sooo appreciate your kind compliment,@Ariane - thank you!   heart   

07/14/20 03:51:34AM @ariane:

This is an awesome collaboration of you two Chris's jive

Christine Shoemaker
07/10/20 04:21:11PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thanks so much, @Dusty-Turtle! HUG

Dusty Turtle
07/05/20 01:51:31PM @dusty-turtle:

Way cool! hamster

Christine Shoemaker
07/01/20 01:43:42PM @christine-shoemaker:

That is most appreciated - thank you, @Steven-Berger ! HUG

Christine Shoemaker
07/01/20 01:42:14PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thanks so much, Nina (@Dulcinina ) !!! sun

07/01/20 08:46:03AM @dulcinina:

Too cool. Loved it. Nina (aka Dulcinina)

Steven Berger
07/01/20 08:39:25AM @steven-berger:

Thanks, Chris and Christine! Awesome! thumbsup