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Amazing Grace

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Duration: 00:01:29
My Grandson serves in the military. He is my hero! He was home for a brief visit, and we had a few precious minutes to play some music. Amazing Grace holds a very special place in my heart - so this was the song I picked.
Cindy Stammich
05/21/18 10:33:42PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you @Terry-wilson !  Thank you for listening and your kind comments!!!  This is one of those sweet (and all too short) moments that we will cherish always!  You are right on about the love........there is nothing like grandkids!!!!

Thanks again!


Terry Wilson
05/21/18 04:39:46PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Cindy.  You and your grandson did an outstanding job on a most beautiful song.  It is very evident that you are a proud grandmother,  as you should be.

This is a video where love just oozes.   I love it.


Cindy Stammich
05/20/18 06:16:54PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you so much Bob, Ariane, Robin & Dulcigirl!  Your kind words are very much appreciated! 

Bob - I would loved to have played more, but it was late and he had to leave at 4:30 a.m. the next morning.  I didn't even know 4:30 happened twice in a 24 hour period sleepy

Ariane & Robin - Although far too short, this is certainly a moment that I cherish.....and always will.  A few minutes in the life of a very busy young man...time that it was just the two of us (with the rest of the world on hold) playing my favorite hymn!

Dulcigirl - Thank you for your kind words!  I will share your words with him!  Thank you!



Robin Thompson
05/20/18 01:46:02PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Cindy, truly a moment to cherish!  And you two sound lovely together.  

05/20/18 05:47:46AM @ariane:

@Cindy - this is very touching and I can very well share how you enjoyed this precious moment of making music together with your grandson. You both played beautifully. flower

05/19/18 10:30:58PM @bob:

Beautiful nod Wish you played a few more verses- love that sound on an amazing hymn.

Cindy Stammich
05/19/18 10:22:26PM @cindy-stammich:

I was at my daughter's house the night before my grandson left.  I asked him to play a quick song with me.  He let me pick!  He plays guitar and mountain dulcimer.  I sure do cherish these moments!smiler