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Morag of Dunvegan

Morag of Dunvegan

style or instrument: scheitholt,hummel

musician/member name: Jamie Snider.

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A Scots tune.As far as I can gather,lyric by Catherine Douglas,music by Hugh Matheson.A long time ago a Hebridean scholar came to Newfoundland to meet and research a small Gaelic speaking enclave in the Codroy Valley.Sometimes they'd come to St.John's and there would be house parties..at the end of the night they would all join hands and sing this song in Gaelic...
12/09/22 06:08:24AM @macaodha:

Very nice tune, well played.

Robin Thompson
12/08/22 07:55:58PM @robin-thompson:

Cool, Jamie! 

Jeff Curtis
12/08/22 06:38:22PM @jeff-curtis:

Very nicely done! Lovely tune and nicely played.