Dusty Turtle


Location: Northern California
Country: USA

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@dtortorich, 02/15/24 11:00:06PM
Hey Dusty, this is Bro. Dave. Listening to your Spanish song.
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@GLS, 07/12/18 02:02:45PM
Hi, I am a total beginner, however many years ago I played fiddle mostly
walzes and your Blawk Hawk/Westphallia combo was just sooooo wonderful. I was also amazed at how your hands worked the strings so effortlessly with economy
of movement. This speaks to me as some important underlining techniques I need
to learn about from square one. DO you have any recommendations for beginners
on techniques not just songs? GLS Georgia
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@Aaron O'Rourke, 01/20/16 04:23:59PM
Hey Dusty. Just dropping by to listen to some of your sound clips and video. You make my old dulcimer sound great! Hope you're doing well.
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@Mark Runge, 01/02/16 06:35:40PM
Thank you for all of your kind words and support. It is folks like you that give FOTMD a good name! Really big smiles to you!